The Unclassed

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(4 stars; 17 reviews)

The Unclassed tells the story of two friends who are aspiring authors living in London in the late 19th century. Both of them fall in love. Both believe in social change but do not know how to bring it about. Both are skeptical about the values of their times. Both want respectability more then they would admit. This book, unlike many others of it's time, tells about working women, and includes honest descriptions of the slums of London. - Summary by Stav Nisser. (16 hr 9 min)


School 20:30 Read by Lynne T
Mother and Child 24:41 Read by Geoff Blanchard
Antecedents 27:16 Read by beyondutopia
Christmas in Two Homes 29:02 Read by beyondutopia
Possibilities 13:26 Read by beyondutopia
An Advertisment 22:45 Read by beyondutopia
Between Old and New 26:41 Read by beyondutopia
Academical 29:37 Read by beyondutopia
The Cousins 21:17 Read by beyondutopia
The Way Out 23:38 Read by Sally Ireland
By the Wayside 40:03 Read by beyondutopia
Rent Day 27:57 Read by beyondutopia
A Man-Trap 18:31 Read by beyondutopia
Near and Far 24:34 Read by beyondutopia
Up the River 19:31 Read by Lynne T
Example Without Precept 21:35 Read by beyondutopia
The Missing Years 1:04:15 Read by beyondutopia
The Enderbys 37:13 Read by beyondutopia
In the Meantime 17:14 Read by beyondutopia
A Suggestion 23:00 Read by beyondutopia
Diplomacy 26:59 Read by Sally Ireland
Under-Currents 27:26 Read by Sally Ireland
The Opportunity 21:30 Read by Anusha Iyer
Justice 40:06 Read by beyondutopia
Art and Misery 13:10 Read by Lynne T
Straying 20:38 Read by beyondutopia
The Will to Live 25:14 Read by beyondutopia
Slimy's Day 37:29 Read by beyondutopia
Freedom 31:25 Read by beyondutopia
Elm Court 9:33 Read by Marzia Marianera
New Prospects 29:13 Read by Sally Ireland
A Vision of Sin 21:25 Read by Marzia Marianera
A Garden Party 18:47 Read by Marzia Marianera
A Late Revenge 17:01 Read by Marzia Marianera
House-Warming 22:48 Read by Marzia Marianera
No Way But This 31:10 Read by beyondutopia
Forbidden 24:27 Read by Sally Ireland
Orders of Release 17:56 Read by Sally Ireland


(4 stars)

I enjoyed this story while sewing. it gives a vivid likeness of a bygone era. though poverty & bad landlords exist still the awful odours related are long gone in modern times, in this country at least though I'm sure many eastern countries still have the degradation described.

(4 stars)

The story was surprisingly good. However, some of the readers had a strong a foreign accent ( not English or American) which made the reading difficult to understand. Also two chapters were defective and could not be played on my computer.

A great novel

(5 stars)

George Gissing writes suberbly and uniquely. Classifying him is a difficult pleasure. Like Dickens, Reynolds, Gaskell, Hardy there is sympathy for the fallen, those oppressed by socio-economic system and by hypocritical social norms, but more humour. His characters are more eccentric than those of most British writers of that time...Gissing's are to a lesser and greater degrees, sort of like those in the great Russian novelist Dostoevsky's novels, i suppose, whatever. "I think therefore I am" confused and have a headache, lol....sigh.... This novel has everything:"the good, the bad, the ugly," realism, a romanticism with changes of mood, circumstance, hope and tragedy which is analogous to lets say Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony. Mr. Waymark is writer who is both cynical and unreliable, yet other times dedicated and compassionate. He is that man who strides romanticism, to nihilism to realism and existentialism. If anyone becomes the beacon of light and heroine it is Ida Starr. However, the error of these critiques of social norms and divisions is that the betterment of society comes top down. History of the late 19th and 20th century proved that it was the struggles of the chartists and labour in general from the grass roots that brought to the working classes,and whether they believe it or not, also to the middle class a better standard of living. as always, grateful for all the volunteer readers, librivox and Internet archive. beyondutopia, you have a clear and charming voice and your character and emotional vocalizations are good which is better than overdone and cacophonous. there are things to advise i suppos4, but that would be premature and no doubt hypocritical .fine job beyondutopia(aka Susan Smith Nash?), i enjoyed listening to you. Also, as usual, enjoyed listening to reader Lynne Thompson And as always, gratitude to all the volunteers at librivox and internet archive(IA). dahszil male usa(dismantle the US empire and restore the US republic as a peaceful, contributor member within the world's family of nations) "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." ( William Gladstone 1809-1898 “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” (Jimi Hendrix 1942 – 1970)

Naturalism.. with satire?

(5 stars)

George Gissing's influences are usually attributed to Zola, Flaubaire, and Balzac, especially considering the nuanced emotional landscape and the sympathy for women and women's roles. However, in The Unclassed, as well as in New Grub Street, there is a great deal of humor -- especially with respect to mannerisms and accents; and there are also moments of grotesqueries -- One can't help but think of both Voltaire and also Rabelais... beyondutopia's performance of the interactions in the school and the instructors definitely brought out the humor / absurdity / and the rather tragicomic situation. I won't go as far as to say that the reading was perfect -- the accents were pretty much butchered ... but it got the point across and I enjoyed her reading very much. The other readings were good - I always enjoy Lynne Thompson, too. I enjoy listening to lively voices.

Love George Gissing!

(1 stars)

Love George Gissing! Love the story. I don't know any other authors with such unfair recognition like him. but dear me... I couldn't stand the narration. I thought the narration will take turns and this terrible read would not carry on but it did. I quit in the CHAPTER IV CHRISTMAS IN TWO HOMES. hence given one star. my husband who just overheard this read, left the room. could not stand it after two min. 😑