The Beloved Vagabond

Read by Simon Evers

(4.7 stars; 106 reviews)

The vagabond, Paragot, a truly eccentric bohemian and a wandering scholar with a mysterious past, adopts a London street urchin (whom he calls Asticot) by purchasing him from his mother for half a crown. Paragot leads Asticot on various adventures through 19th century Europe, eventually arriving in Paris. Here Paragot’s dark romantic past begins to catch up with him. (Summary by Simon Evers) (8 hr 24 min)


Chapter 1 18:06 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 2 22:58 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 3 18:53 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 4 26:17 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 5 17:47 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 6 29:17 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 7 26:55 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 8 20:59 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 9 24:30 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 10 13:07 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 11 24:42 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 12 21:05 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 13 21:37 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 14 23:48 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 15 19:12 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 16 17:09 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 17 20:50 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 18 13:41 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 19 29:05 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 20 20:04 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 21 29:09 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 22 27:47 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 23 17:30 Read by Simon Evers


Wonderful story!

(5 stars)

I simply type "Simon Evers" in the Search Box and settle down to listen to the next offering on the list. Some books simply fade away in my memory. The Beloved Vagabond did not. A unique, complex, gifted character saves a penniless boy, recognizes his gifts and changes his life. Mr. Evers has done a perfect job of offering books previously unknown to me that I find captivating. Although they are often fantastical, the quality of the writing, the clever plots and the engaging characters cast a spell and I am hooked! Bravo Mr. Evers. What a generous gift to us all!

(5 stars)

This novel is a delightful break from the current strife filled media, and I want to marry the reader just so he can read the grocery list to me, he is wonderful

Very Good

(4 stars)

The story of a mysterious man, whose past we don't know (but is eventually revealed), told from the point of view of the boy whom he took in on a whim. The boy grows up, and as he does, his view of his idol matures. But it's not the story of the boy, but of the man. I can't add to Bookworm's review; it's spot on. There were a couple minor skips in the recording, as if there were some slight technical problems, but they weren't very intrusive. Simon is such a good reader!

A gem

(5 stars)

Beautifully written tale of a true eccentric. The protagonist never ceases to amaze with his generosity, total egoism, endless talents, and complete obliviousness as far as the social conventions are concerned. Wonderfully read by Simon Evers whose unhurried pace is just meant for this material. Well done Simon! Thanks for making my driving fun -- well, not really fun but i can't blame LibriVox for the traffic at the Longdendale junction with the A57. Don't get me started. TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

I didn't want this book to end

(5 stars)

This story of the Beloved Vagabond read by Simon Evers is first rate. A life on the road with adventures, friendships, family, lots of drinking, story telling and music playing could never happen in today's world. I grew to feel like a part of this whacky family which is one reason I didn't want the book to end.

A Perfectly Wrapped Gift.

(5 stars)

Hey! This is a find. Imagine Sommerset Dickens taking a walk down W. Collins ST. With that dash of mystery in the middle, even the appearently palsied hunchback Blanchette, didnt drive me away. Especially reccomended for young people, or the young at heart and anyome who feels out of place in this world. Oh yes, and the reader is absolutely magnifique.


(5 stars)

WJL and Simon Evers, in this LibriVox offering represent one its absolute best. Our vagabond travels great lengths over the narrative arc of this delightful and memorable story. Take a trip through time, life, and learning.


(5 stars)

A marvellously enjoyable book and a warmly sympathetic reading by Simon Evers, always a joy to listen to. One to download and experience again. Very special indeed - Thank you!