The Girl Scouts at Home

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Little Rosanna Horton was a very poor little girl. When I tell you more about her, you will think that was a very odd thing to say.

She lived in one of the most beautiful homes in Louisville, a city full of beautiful homes. And Rosanna's was one of the loveliest. It was a great, rambling house of red brick with wide porches in the front and on either side. On the right of the house was a wonderful garden. It covered half a square, and was surrounded by a high stone wall. No one could look in to see what she was doing. That was rather nice, but of course no one could look out either to see what they were doing on the brick sidewalk, and that does not seem so nice. There were children all along the street: little girls playing dolls on front doorsteps and other little girls walking in happy groups or skipping rope. Boys on bicycles circled everywhere and shouted to each other. They made a short cut through one of the poor sections of the city. Here it was the same: children everywhere, all having the best sort of time. They were not so well dressed, that was all the difference. They had the same carefree look in their eyes. Rosanna gazed out wistfully, longingly.

And now you surely guess why Rosanna, with her beautiful home, her pony and her playhouse, her lovely garden, and her room full of pretty things, still was so very, very poor.

Rosanna did not have a single friend. - Summary by the author (3 hr 48 min)


Chapter I 8:33 Read by Teresa Bauman
Chapter II 7:08 Read by Teresa Bauman
Chapter III 12:11 Read by Kana McKay
Chapter IV 11:33 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Chapter V 10:33 Read by Teresa Bauman
Chapter VI 12:24 Read by Natalie Paula
Chapter VII 12:06 Read by Natalie Paula
Chapter VIII 9:10 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Chapter IX 11:31 Read by sarahsyahiirah
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Chapter XI 11:47 Read by sarahsyahiirah
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Chapter XIII 11:52 Read by Jennifer Dallman
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Chapter XV 12:40 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Chapter XVI 11:40 Read by Denise Nordell
Chapter XVII 14:53 Read by Kana McKay
Chapter XVIII 13:07 Read by Lynne T
Chapter XIX 10:34 Read by luv2read2014
Chapter XX 11:15 Read by luv2read2014
Chapter XXI 7:18 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle


Sweet Story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this sweet story about two girls becoming best friends. It’s really not much about Girl Scouts at all. The readers were all good.