A Marriage at Sea

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Herbert Barclay is desperately in love with Grace Bellassys, but a number of factors stand in the way of their happiness, the biggest of which is the person of Lady Amelia Roscoe, Grace's guardian. Lady Amelia has several objections to the union, one of which is the fact that Herbert is not a Papist, and to separate the two young people, she has sent Grace to school in France. The two decide to elope, but this is just the start of the adventure... - Summary by Carolin (6 hr 54 min)


The Rue de la Maquetra 23:40 Read by Arlene Joyce
The Elopement 27:55 Read by Arlene Joyce
At Sea 27:27 Read by Arlene Joyce
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appreciate the readers

(4 stars)

If women really acted like this and men really viewed them as the main character does, it's no wonder that men didn't want to give women the vote. I wouldn't either! Just sayin'. I enjoyed the story in spite of the main characters, however. Thanks as always to anyone who reads for free. Four stars for free books that help me get my work done. Btw, this story has nothing to do with suffrage.

marine novel-some plot-held my interest- well used nautical terminology

(4 stars)

An interesting story told with some creative reserve. The majority told on board a small sailing vessel. Suspense, will they sink, will the captain go down with his ship and are they legally married.

(2 stars)

the two main characters are uninspiring spoiled rich people who are ignorant and have no objective in life whatsoever. The description of nautical life is sometimes interesting but not profound.

(4 stars)

An interesting study of the legality of marriage on the high seas. The bride was a bit tedious at times, but the work was enjoyable