White Dandy: A Horse's Story

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(3.5 stars; 31 reviews)

This book is written from the horse's point of view, much as Black Beauty was. Indeed, it is intended to be a companion book to Black Beauty, filling in more background as seen by the horse. The title is actually White Dandy or Master and I: A Horse's Story. What do horses talk about among themselves? Do they have personalities, some dour and unhappy others buoyant and upbeat just as we humans do? Do horses anticipate good times and fear bad owners? Well, if you listen to a chapter or two of this book you will have a delightful glimpse into a horse's life and thoughts. - Summary by Phil Chenevert (4 hr 5 min)


Chapter I 13:32 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Chapter II 10:29 Read by Arie
Chapter III 13:53 Read by Arie
Chapter IV 12:16 Read by Beth Joy
Chapter V 11:57 Read by Steve Kleiser
Chapter VI 11:36 Read by Lynne T
Chapter VII 13:58 Read by Lynne T
Chapter VIII 6:15 Read by KHand
Chapter IX 10:42 Read by KHand
Chapter X 9:02 Read by KHand
Chapter XI 12:39 Read by Beth Joy
Chapter XII 12:14 Read by mbaracker
Chapter XIII 11:31 Read by Lynne T
Chapter XIV 13:47 Read by Asta1234
Chapter XV 10:23 Read by Lynne T
Chapter XVI 9:37 Read by Natalie Paula
Chapter XVII 20:18 Read by Asta1234
Chapter XVIII 21:08 Read by Michele Fry
Chapter XIX 14:48 Read by Skylark07
Chapter XX 5:47 Read by Prachi Pendse


(5 stars)

Very good horsey book. The readers did a good job

Nothing but suffering

(0.5 stars)

I quit at chapter 10 after the description of a horse being dragged along rough stones by another horse after being beaten till it couldn't get up. This is really only descriptions of horrendous and barbarous cruelty. It's absolutely nothing like Black Beauty and should not be associating itself with that awesome classic. Horrible, painful listening!

a story that brings is down to reality

(3 stars)

if the same reader read it would be 4 1/2 stars


(0.5 stars)

So very not a child's book, such as Black Beauty. If there were more horrific cruel or vicious forms of animal abuse rampant out there it would be a serial killer's autobiography. I noticed that chapter 12 was read for chapter 13 also, and 13 was left out altogether. I finally became too sickened to continue listening in chapter 16 after the graphic description of a dog getting shot with a shotgun and then the owner proceeded to bludgeon it on the head with the gun butt till it was dead. Nearly every chapter had scenes such as this. Companion book to "Black Beauty" this is not.

Just Descriptions of Abuse. This is nothing like black beauty, and shouldn't be associated with it. Every chapter simply consisted of horses discussing the different forms of abuse. I do not recommend it.

(1 stars)

(4.5 stars)

A very nice horsey book made for 13 year olds and not for younger children just like black beauty

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(2.5 stars)

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