The Borough Treasurer

Read by MaryAnn

(4.6 stars; 307 reviews)

Messrs. Mallalieu and Cotherstone were outsiders who had built a prosperous business in Highmarket and even been elected as Mayor and Treasurer of the borough. But when an ex-detective moves to town, 30 years of respectability is suddenly threatened by revelations from the past. (Summary by MaryAnn) (7 hr 56 min)


Blackmail 16:49 Read by MaryAnn
Crime -- and Success 16:32 Read by MaryAnn
Murder 15:37 Read by MaryAnn
The Pine Wood 15:19 Read by MaryAnn
The Cord 16:33 Read by MaryAnn
The Mayor 13:10 Read by MaryAnn
Night Work 15:20 Read by MaryAnn
Retained for the Defense 17:28 Read by MaryAnn
Antecedents 13:15 Read by MaryAnn
The Hole in the Thatch 16:03 Read by MaryAnn
Christopher Pett 16:33 Read by MaryAnn
Parential Anxiety 14:43 Read by MaryAnn
The Anonymous Letter 14:48 Read by MaryAnn
The Sheet of Figures 15:55 Read by MaryAnn
One Thing Leads to Another 13:08 Read by MaryAnn
The Lonely Moor 16:03 Read by MaryAnn
The Medical Opinion 18:40 Read by MaryAnn
The Scrap Book 16:29 Read by MaryAnn
The Tall Man in Grey Clothes 15:59 Read by MaryAnn
At Bay 18:45 Read by MaryAnn
The Interrupted Flight 11:39 Read by MaryAnn
The Hand in the Darkness 15:40 Read by MaryAnn
Comfortable Captivity 15:46 Read by MaryAnn
Strict Business Lines 15:43 Read by MaryAnn
No Further Evidence 14:00 Read by MaryAnn
The Virtues of Suspicion 14:30 Read by MaryAnn
Mr. Wraythwaite of Wraye 14:00 Read by MaryAnn
Pages from the Past 12:48 Read by MaryAnn
Without Thought of Consequences 9:13 Read by MaryAnn
Cotherstone 28:54 Read by MaryAnn
The Barrister's Fee 6:41 Read by MaryAnn


a mystery and love story

(4 stars)

the reader did a fantastic job! she always does a great job. excellent volume, pausing, recording quality. this is a mystery novel with a little romance lightly added. i think males and females will both find this a good book. the mystery has you thinking right away of who is guilty of every crime that comes up, but there is just enough doubt to leave you thinking "well maybe it was actually so-and-so". the final few chapters tie up all the loose ends. and you may a little surprised at all of the outcomes in the end.

the borough treasurer

(5 stars)

Great book awesome reader

Aw, :-(

(3 stars)

Okay, maybe this should have been shorter, but I'd also argue it should have been happier too. I just don't like the way it ended. The story was okay tho. I listened to this a while back, and I forgot the story, so listened to it again. Ah, that's why I forgot it so quickly. But Fletcher is a good writer, so I did enjoy the book mostly, just annoyed at the ending. Reader and recordings were fine.

Its a Fletcher

(4 stars)

If you enjoy classic era detective stories then Fletcher will generally provide some fun - and so he does here. Many of Fletcher's trademarks show themselves - the northern provincial town, the retired detective, the men with a dark past and (of course) a little romance. The reading is very good. If you enjoy detective stories then give it a go.


(4.5 stars)

I felt this to be a very good detective story with a unique plot and unraveling... Good characters, and...the plot kept me wondering how the story would play ended in an unexpected manner....All errant characters wiped out at once... then a quiet, romantic ending...very well read... By a lovely appealing voice

The Borough Treasurer

(5 stars)

Once again I say a book recorded by MaryAnn S is nothing but GOOD!! It was a good mystery but just too many people killed for my liking. But of course I had to listen to the end to see how it would turn out!

Murder mystery in English village 1913

(4 stars)

Solid story, beautifully read, Mary Ann's lovely voice a pleasure, as always. I will look for more from this author. Very much in the murder mystery genre, engaging enough for a diversion from one's daily cares.


(5 stars)

Fletcher does not seem to hurry, but he holds your attention firmly. The ending was a bit of overkill, so to speak, but it did tidy things up quickly. The reader was a pleasure.