The Postmaster's Daughter

Read by Sharon Kilmer

(4.3 stars; 228 reviews)

A charming mystery story set in the early 1900s which is as much about the townspeople, sleuths and other
colorful characters as it is about the murder. Filled with comic antics of Scotland Yard fellows, local police, and residents
of the town, keeps the murder ever elusive. The "whodunit" is maintained until the very end and the laughter keeps
going even after the mystery is solved. (Summary by Sharon Kilmer) (7 hr 37 min)


The Face At the Window 27:18 Read by Sharon Kilmer
P. C. Robinson "Takes A Line" 26:01 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Gathering Clouds 28:23 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Cabal 26:11 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Seeds Of Mischief 25:07 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Scotland Yard Takes A Hand 24:05 Read by Sharon Kilmer
"Alarums And Excursions" 23:29 Read by Sharon Kilmer
An Interrupted Symposium 23:17 Read by Sharon Kilmer
He Whom The Cap Fits 23:33 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Case Against Grant 25:38 Read by Sharon Kilmer
P. C. Robinson Takes Another Line 24:29 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Wherein Winter Gets To Work 25:53 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Concerning Theodore Siddle 26:00 Read by Sharon Kilmer
On Both sides Of The River 24:06 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Matter Of Heredity 24:37 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Furneaux Makes A Successful Bid 21:30 Read by Sharon Kilmer
An Official Housebreaker 27:27 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Truth At Last 30:25 Read by Sharon Kilmer


Keeps you guessing

(4.5 stars)

I've really been enjoying this author's books, as there are several in the Librivox library. This one was different from the others in that it was set in an English country village and focused on the locals. The story was fine and kept me interested throughout. The volunteer reader does a fine, clear job of reading. I found her mispronunciations endearing, and they might have been a clue to English not being her first language; for me it added, rather than distracted, from the story :)

Very enjoyable and well read

(5 stars)

The reader has lovely pacing, making it a relaxing listen as well as en entertaining story likely to keep you guessing throughout. There are a few reviews which mention mispronunciation as though it happens frequently, but really, it's little more than you'll find in any reading and you'll hardly notice; it shouldn't put you off listening as it won't impact on your enjoyment of the story. Depending on your interpretation of the reader's accent (US, perhaps), you might hear "author" sounding more like "Arthur" which might throw you off a moment, but the word only comes up 2-3 times in all. Well written, well read, well worth listening to.

(3.5 stars)

The reader is fine. Despite a few mispronounced words she is clear & understandable. There are a few main & several secondary characters in this story so it took me a little while to get to know them all. Instead of rewinding to hear who was who again I just let the story continue to play & they started to sink in. The story is an okay mystery. You won't figure it all out until you're given some pertinent information towards the end.

Roped me right in

(5 stars)

I’m so glad LibriVox “suggested” this one to me having noticed my penchant for Wilkie Collins novels and other classic mysteries. The story ropes readers right in with its grisly opening(by early 20th century standards, thankfully) and maintains the pace through to its dramatic climax. There’s a nice mix of likably human characters, false leads, concealed pasts, true romance and deception, well told by a capable and engaging reader. I look forward to more Louis Tracy stories.

Very Good Reading and Story

(5 stars)

Thank you, Sharon Kilmer, for a great job in reading this good mystery story. I appreciate all Librivox volunteers for giving me and others such good, clean fun. I will look forward to other Louis Tracy stories as I am aware he wrote a great deal more. If it were not for my Mississippi accent I would volunteer to read. Thanks again, and God bless Librivox.


(5 stars)

Love a good mystery and this on fit the bill. Kept me guessing and surprised me how it transpired. Touch of love, small town atmosphere, and great banter that kept me chuckling. This one had it all. Looking for more by this author. Thank you reader for a job well done!

Very good whodunnit

(5 stars)

Lot's of humour which is always good to hear. re: the earlier comment about attitudes to "lunatics" I think it's just the wording that's old fashioned - I heard only sympathy and regret for mental conditions.

Great book!

(4 stars)

I do hope another reader tackles this story with all the clever characters created by the author. The reader