Heroes Every Child Should Know

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The endeavour has been made in this volume to bring together the heroic men of different races, periods and types; and in the selection of material the most attractive, intelligent and authoritative literature has been drawn upon. In cases in which the material selected belongs distinctively to the best literature, no changes have been made, although narratives have been abbreviated; in cases in which the material has a historical rather than a distinctively literary quality, the text has been treated for "substance of doctrine," and omissions have been freely made, and connecting words, phrases and even sentences have been introduced to give the narrative clear connection and completeness. In the preparation of the material for the volume the intelligence and skill of Miss Kate Stephens have been so freely used that she is entitled to the fullest recognition as associate editor. - Summary by Hamilton Wright Mabie (11 hr 1 min)


Introduction 16:33 Read by Claudia Salto
Perseus part 1 by Charles Kingsley 23:32 Read by Ramon Escamilla
Perseus part 2 by Charles Kingsley 19:48 Read by Ramon Escamilla
Hercules by Kate Stephens 30:16 Read by Daniel J. Johnson
Daniel from The Book of Daniel 5:56 Read by Greg Giordano
David from 1 Samuel 11:41 Read by Greg Giordano
St. George by Mrs. E. Rundle Charles 11:34 Read by TimoleonWash
King Arthur by Beatrice Clay 34:19 Read by Deon Gines
Sir Galahad by Beatrice Clay 17:46 Read by Greg Giordano
Sir Galahad by Alfred Lord Tennyson (verse) 4:57 Read by Lisa Reichert
Siegfried by A.J. Church 40:37 Read by Melanie Smith
Roland by A.J. Church 36:00 Read by Daniel J. Johnson
King Alfred by E.A. Freeman 41:22 Read by Steve C
The Cid part 1 by Robert Southey 28:31 Read by Jack Danya Kemplin
The Cid part 2 by Robert Southey 29:29 Read by Daniel J. Johnson
Robin Hood by Andrew Lang 37:17 Read by Garth Burton
Richard the Lion-Hearted by A.J. Church 42:34 Read by Sandra Cullum
Saint Louis by A.J. Church 37:26 Read by Daniel J. Johnson
William Tell by Agnes Strickland 30:56 Read by Teresa Bauman
Robert Bruce part 1 by Sir Walter Scott 22:47 Read by Lynne T
Robert Bruce part 2 by Sir Walter Scott 26:19 Read by jpmc
George Washington by C.W. Parke Custis 29:07 Read by TimoleonWash
Robert E. Lee by himself 38:18 Read by Greg Giordano
The Youth Of Lincoln by Elbridge S. Brooks 19:10 Read by Jill Engle
Father Damien by Edward Clifford 25:19 Read by Lynne T