Nurse and Spy in the Union Army

Read by TriciaG

(4.5 stars; 47 reviews)

The “Nurse and Spy” is simply a record of events which have transpired in the experience and under the observation of one who has been on the field and participated in numerous battles—among which are the first and second Bull Run, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, the Seven days in front of Richmond, Antietam, and Fredericksburg—serving in the capacity of “Spy” and as “Field Nurse” for over two years.

While in the “Secret Service” as a “Spy,” which is one of the most hazardous positions in the army—she penetrated the enemy’s lines, in various disguises, no less than eleven times; always with complete success and without detection.

Her efficient labors in the different Hospitals as well as her arduous duties as “Field Nurse,” embrace many thrilling and touching incidents, which are here most graphically described. - Summary from the preface (9 hr 18 min)


Publisher's Notice 3:11 Read by TriciaG
I - Commencement of the War 17:44 Read by TriciaG
II - Marching Orders - Manassas 19:37 Read by TriciaG
III - The Panic and Retreat 20:29 Read by TriciaG
IV - Washington After Bull Run 25:10 Read by TriciaG
V - Visiting the Contrabands 17:52 Read by TriciaG
VI - Yorktown and Vicinity 22:54 Read by TriciaG
VII - My Disguise as a Spy 19:01 Read by TriciaG
VIII - My First Secret Expedition 17:16 Read by TriciaG
IX - A Battle 23:10 Read by TriciaG
X - Advance on the Peninsula - The Merrimac 15:31 Read by TriciaG
XI - I Become an Irish Peddler 20:59 Read by TriciaG
XII - Another Start for the Rebel Lines 18:30 Read by TriciaG
XIII - I Act as an Orderly - My Own Disaster 19:32 Read by TriciaG
XIV - The Hospital Tree 16:37 Read by TriciaG
XV - Leave of Absence 14:25 Read by TriciaG
XVI - Battle of Mechanicsville 18:03 Read by TriciaG
XVII - Malvern Hill - Perilous Position 21:25 Read by TriciaG
XVIII - I Visit Washington 24:01 Read by TriciaG
XIX - Dispelling the Blues - Retreat from Richmond 17:58 Read by TriciaG
XX - Entering the Rebel Lines as a Spy 18:26 Read by TriciaG
XXI - After Antietam - Camp Life 19:15 Read by TriciaG
XXII - A Military Execution - A Narrow Escape 16:21 Read by TriciaG
XXIII - Burnside in Command 17:22 Read by TriciaG
XXIV - Again in Dixie 13:54 Read by TriciaG
XXV - Appointed Detective 17:31 Read by TriciaG
XXVI - North and South Contrasted 15:38 Read by TriciaG
XXVII - Vicksburg 18:11 Read by TriciaG
XXVIII - I Am Attacked by Fever 13:26 Read by TriciaG
XXIX - Review of Hospital and Camp Life 16:46 Read by TriciaG
XXX - Closing Incidents 17:48 Read by TriciaG



(5 stars)

Tricia does a nice job narrating. This is a great book and quite the adventure.


(4.5 stars)

This lady lead an amazing life. She was very brave and it's an exciting read.

A rare combination

(5 stars)

This book is a rare combination of war correspondence and devotional literature. The unvarying cadence and inflection of the reader, fine person though she may be, caused the listening experience to be less enjoyable than the content of the book. Nonetheless, I am glad that I persevered.

Most awesome story & reader

(5 stars)

this story told from a female point of view is inspiring even now in the year 2019. lots of History included in here. and realism with the heroism

(5 stars)

Sarah was amazingly courageous and resourceful. Her adventures, her first person insights on the Civil War and her faith in God combine to make a can’t-put-it-down story.

What a great book and reader!

(5 stars)

What struck me is how religious people were in those days. Stark difference to today's population in my opinion.

Farmer Don

(3 stars)

Well written. an incredible record of Civil War history! although, I must say some of her Tails do seem a bit incredulous.

(4.5 stars)

Very well read great story can't get over how brave this women was