The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1660

Read by Nicole Lee

(2.4 stars; 69 reviews)

Samuel Pepys was the first Secretary to the Admiralty during the reign of Charles II, instrumental in developing the Royal Navy and witness to some of the most significant events of the Restoration period, including the Great Fire of London. His famous diary, which covers a period of some ten years, throws a frank and intimate light on a fascinating period, through the lens of a vigorous, intelligent and refreshingly candid and extrovert personality. This volume covers the first year of the diary. - Summary by Nicole Lee (9 hr 0 min)


Preface 8:12 Read by Nicole Lee
Particulars on the Life of Samuel Pepys 1:14:00 Read by Nicole Lee
January 46:20 Read by Nicole Lee
February 53:11 Read by Nicole Lee
March 42:32 Read by Nicole Lee
April 30:49 Read by Nicole Lee
May 1:03:43 Read by Nicole Lee
June 29:57 Read by Nicole Lee
July 32:53 Read by Nicole Lee
August 34:52 Read by Nicole Lee
September 25:38 Read by Nicole Lee
October 32:45 Read by Nicole Lee
November 37:23 Read by Nicole Lee
December 28:28 Read by Nicole Lee


I would really like to listen to this but find it impossible to understand the narrator as she mumbles and speaks way too fast ! Hoping someone else can redo this ?

(0.5 stars)

Pepys gives us an inside view of a fascinating period in history

(5 stars)

Many of the

(5 stars)

I like her voice. Very comforting.

Hard work but worth it

(5 stars)

Some heavy duty listening but quite fascinating. No better way to get an idea of Restoration London. Interesting to count the number of 'morning draughts'

Worst Voice Ever for Reading

(3 stars)

This is an ultra posh (public school) AND ANNOYINGLY nasal female voice for Samuel Pepys! —Practically unlistenable. She has the sort of voice that her own husband probably misunderstands on a regular basis. 5 stars for content...if you can decipher her voice. 0 stars for her voice...AHHHH HER VOICE, HER VOICE, HER VOICE!!!!!!! AUGGHHHHH, ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH.....