A Rogue's Life

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"[T]he story offers the faithful reflection of a very happy time in my past life. It was written at Paris, when I had Charles Dickens for a near neighbor and a daily companion, and when my leisure hours were joyously passed with many other friends, all associated with literature and art, of whom the admirable comedian, Regnier, is now the only survivor. The revising of these pages has been to me a melancholy task. I can only hope that they may cheer the sad moments of others. The Rogue may surely claim two merits, at least, in the eyes of the new generation—he is never serious for two moments together; and he "doesn't take long to read." W. C." - Summary from the Introductory Words (5 hr 12 min)


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Pretty good book

(4 stars)

The rogue, the hero of the book, is the black sheep of his semi-respectable family. He never had much use for formal education, and he didn't take to the training of doctor, as his father wished him to be. So, having been booted out of his house, he found himself wandering aimlessly through life, trying different occupations. Then one day, he encountered a beautiful woman and love walked in, as it were. His desire to have only her as his wife would lead him on many an adventure, and in and out of danger. He didn't care, if only it would end with them being together. How sweet is that? The readers were fine, no complaints. Enjoy!


(5 stars)

I think it was very well written! And quite humorous at occasions!👌👌👌


(3.5 stars)

An enjoyable tongue-in-cheek story by a master story teller.