A Guide to Stoicism

Read by Bill Boerst

(4.6 stars; 58 reviews)

This book is a primer on the philosophy of stoicism, resurrected from its origins in Greek and Roman philosophy. The original philosophy was based on a reasoning process which it was assumed would lead to a virtuous life. Zeno, the founder of stoicism, did not begin expounding on its teachings until he was in his forties. He believed that the purpose of life was "to live consistently." Cleanthes, his disciple, added "with nature," so that the purpose of life became "to live consistently with nature." - Summary by Bill Boerst (1 hr 58 min)


Foreword 1:16 Read by Bill Boerst
Philosophy Among Greeks and Romans; Division of Philosophy 16:35 Read by Bill Boerst
Logic 22:12 Read by Bill Boerst
Ethic, Part A 22:19 Read by Bill Boerst
Ethic, Part B 18:00 Read by Bill Boerst
Physic 20:00 Read by Bill Boerst
Conclusion 11:16 Read by Bill Boerst
Dates and Authorities 6:45 Read by Bill Boerst


good book well read

(5 stars)

good book well read. I had already heard of most of the content, but Stock writes well enough to be worth it anyway, especially his description of the Stoic sage

(5 stars)

"To be happy then was to be virtuous, to be virtuous was to be rational, to be rational was to follow Nature, and to follow Nature was to obey God." Absolutely amazing.

This book is truly remarkable

(5 stars)

This audio book fueled an awakening of the use of logic and it's importance in understanding our mere existence.

Great Overview If New To Subject

(4.5 stars)

Great. Compact. I enjoyed the little package of a big theme.

a worthy presentation of stoic ideas

(5 stars)

great information on the Stoics.

excellent book

(5 stars)

excellent reader. clear and concise, good tempo.


(5 stars)

A really good overview of Stoic philosophy. It gets quite technical, but there's a lot to get through! Really well read also, very good narration. Thanks Librivox!