A Happy Boy

Read by MaryAnn

(4.6 stars; 25 reviews)

"A Happy Boy" was written in 1859 and 1860. It is, in my estimation, Bjørnson's best story of peasant life. In it the author has succeeded in drawing the characters with remarkable distinctness, while his profound psychological insight, his perfectly artless simplicity of style, and his thorough sympathy with the hero and his surroundings are nowhere more apparent. This view is sustained by the great popularity of "A Happy Boy" throughout Scandinavia. (From the Preface)

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1903. (3 hr 16 min)


Chapter 1 8:44 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 2 10:21 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 3 17:20 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 4 18:21 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 5 15:16 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 6 20:06 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 7 12:49 Read by MaryAnn
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A very sweet tale beautifully read

(5 stars)

I'm not always happy with all the recommendations LV shows but I am SO glad that I downloaded and listened to this lovely, lovely old story. MaryAnn brings emotion and clear diction to the reading, as always.

thanks for another great read

(5 stars)

So happy I ran across this book. A good mix of culture/period history, characters, and great lines. I had to look up a bit of info to understand what a “gardsman” was, etc. Very interesting information about educational, social, and spiritual life. Fairly simple plot, but not inferior for that reason, as the characters are all lovely and realistic.

(5 stars)

A truly beautiful little story! I’m so glad I listened to it. Very well read as well.

A beautiful story

(5 stars)

A beautiful story of life. Wonderfully read. Thank you MaryAnn.

(5 stars)

an interesting story! and of course, very well read by MaryAnn S.

a charming love story

(4.5 stars)

Very enjoyable and well read. Thank you.

(5 stars)

Such a beautiful story, wonderfully read. Thank you, Mary Ann.