Sentiment, Inc.

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.2 stars; 99 reviews)

The way we feel about another person, or about objects, is often bound up in associations that have no direct connection with the person or object at all. Often, what we call a "change of heart" comes about sheerly from a change in the many associations which make up our present viewpoint. Now, suppose that these associations could be altered artificially, at the option of the person who was in charge of the process.... (from the Blurb) (1 hr 13 min)


Chapter 1 13:19 Read by Phil Chenevert
Chapter 2 19:41 Read by Phil Chenevert
Chapter 3 22:11 Read by Phil Chenevert
Chapter 4 18:11 Read by Phil Chenevert


Classic Sci-fi

(3 stars)

I really like the twilight zoneish classics. I listen to everything Phil narrates he's the best

Nice fun listen

(4.5 stars)

A touch slow in parts but interesting with a debatable but intriguing message. Very well read.

Revenge of the Nerd

(5 stars)

Great little story, tied up neatly in a bow at the end.

thanks for reading

(5 stars)

Love the old sci fi. Great reader.

(5 stars)

Great read, fun story ends swell. Thanks !

(4 stars)

well read, nice plot, but dated

(2.5 stars)

This story is not sci-fi, it's psych-fi. There are no characters of interest just caricatures floating in and out. The plot line does not so justice to the main idea.