Fundamentals of Prosperity

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.3 stars; 148 reviews)

What these principles are and whence they come to us. "The fact is, we have become crazy over material things. We are looking only at the structure above ground. We are trying to get more smoke from the chimney. We are looking at space instead of service, at profits instead of volume. With our eyes focused on the structure above ground, we have lost sight of those human resources, thrift, imagination, integrity, vision and faith which make the structure possible. I feel that only by the business men can this foundation be strengthened before the inevitable fall comes." (from the preface) (1 hr 20 min)


Foreword 4:21 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 1 - Honesty or Steel Doors? 7:15 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 2 - Faith the Searchlight of Business 7:49 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 3 - Opportunity 7:12 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 4 - Coöperation—Success by Helping the Other Fellow 7:27 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 5 - Our Real Resources 7:19 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 6 - Study the Human Soul 5:00 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 7 - Boost the Other Fellow 5:02 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 8 - What Truly Counts 6:15 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 9 - What Figures Show 7:08 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 10 - Where the Church Falls Down 7:21 Read by Phil Chenevert
Ch 11 - The Future Church 8:09 Read by Phil Chenevert


Loved This Book!

(5 stars)

Fantastic experience. The content and perspective will leave me pondering for days. I thoroughly enjoyed the reader, very smooth. I will be looking for more books read by him as well. Highly recommend.

Loved the book!

(5 stars)

Book talks about importance and effect of religion on economy and well-being of their citizens. Along with it many other basics of financial subjects.

great for the mornings

(4.5 stars)

Phil, thank you for doing justice to this great work of literature by Roger Babson

It's no wonder He start acollege

(5 stars)

Saving time with all the stuff just deal with human potential is genius!

Noise in recording

(3 stars)

there was a lot of noise in recording. also not much to learn from the book

Old but good old fashion.

(3.5 stars)

Is worth revisiting the real fundamentals of prosperity. They are more spiritual than material.

worth my time

(5 stars)

an interesting analysis, tieing the aserted factors of prosperity to culture, and therefore religion.

Good book

(4 stars)

Lays down why religion is good for laying foundations of prosperity in any nation.