The Little Tea Book

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(3.9 stars; 21 reviews)

After all, tea is the drink! Domestically and socially it is the beverage of the world. There may be those who will come forward with their figures to prove that other fruits of the soil—agriculturally and commercially—are more important. Perhaps they are right when quoting statistics. But what other product can compare with tea in the high regard in which it has always been held by writers whose standing in literature, and recognized good taste in other walks, cannot be questioned? (From the Preface)

A Little Tea Book is a clever book about all things tea- Eastern and Western tea history, stories, culture, quotes, and even poetry. A good little read for tea lovers everywhere. (Summary by Mary Kay) (1 hr 41 min)


Introducing The Little Tea Book 2:51 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Origin of Tea 2:11 Read by Diana Majlinger
Tea 1:33 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Little Cups of Chinese and Japanese Tea 5:39 Read by Availle
On Tea 1:27 Read by ToddHW
Some English Tea History 12:28 Read by ToddHW
O Tea! 1:39 Read by ToddHW
Tea Terms 2:47 Read by Availle
Tea Leaves 11:31 Read by Greg Giordano
Wit, Wisdom, and Humor of Tea - Fate 4:39 Read by Greg Giordano
Tea Making and Taking in Japan and China 14:07 Read by Availle
Tea-drinking in Other Lands 8:35 Read by Greg Giordano
The Tea-Table (Part I) 4:13 Read by Greg Giordano
Ladies, Literature, and Tea 7:01 Read by Jennifer Dallman
On Our English Poetry and This Poem Upon Tea 2:06 Read by Greg Giordano
To The Author on His Poem Upon Tea 1:28 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Introduction 4:41 Read by Kari Lynn Hewett
The Tea-Table (Part II) 2:20 Read by Greg Giordano
Dr. Johnson's Affinity - Earliest Mention of Tea - Australian Tea 3:15 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Five O'Clock Tea - Tea in Ladies' Novels 2:23 Read by Jennifer Dallman
Sydney Smith - Dr. Johnson Again 2:04 Read by Kari Lynn Hewett
A Cup of Tea 2:25 Read by Kari Lynn Hewett


For the love of tea

(3 stars)

This was nice easy listening. Informative and quaint, of interest to any who call themselves a tea lover.

(5 stars)

I have found this educational, diverting, and even extracted some quotations from this lovely read. (Or would one call it a "listen"?)


(2.5 stars)

Not much real history. On tea, but does dredge up enough to show the changing of times from hard liquor to modern day drinking society.

(1 stars)

Well enough read. But oh my gosh was that ever boring! Might be good for falling asleep.


(5 stars)

It is great source to know about the tea