Uncle's Dream

Read by Greg Giordano

(4.5 stars; 45 reviews)

Uncle’s Dream by Fyodor Dostoyevsky was written following his five year exile to Siberia where he was sent to serve in a hard labor camp. Following what could only have been a harrowing and harsh existence in Russia’s infamous prison for political and social prisoners, one would expect Dostoyevsky’s work to have been dark and bitter. Rather, Uncle’s Dream is a humorous and yet scathing commentary on Russian provincial high-society.

The story of elderly Prince K. who comes to visit the town of Mordasoff, lorded over by the imperious Maria Alexandrovna, is one of love, hate, deceit and greed. Standing reluctantly at Maria Alexandrovna’s side is her haughty daughter, Zina, who has few friends of her own. The prince’s companion and distant relative is Paul Mosgliakoff, suitor to Zina.

Maria Alexandrovna and Zina are the central characters in the charade to lure the senile prince into a marriage of convenience (not for him but for Maria Alexandrovna and Zina). They, and a host of lesser characters, are brought to life in full color by Dostoyevsky’s masterful wordsmithing. Uncle’s Dream is a must listen for any fan of not only Dostoyevsky, but of Russian literature and the “goings-on” of the Russian “upper crust.” (Summary by Greg Giordano) (6 hr 4 min)


CHAPTER I. 15:32 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER II. 12:34 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER III. 22:20 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER IV. 27:48 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER V. 34:14 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER VI. 22:44 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER VII. 17:08 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER VIII. 25:25 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER IX. 32:01 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER X. 21:25 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER XI. 23:27 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER XII. 21:21 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER XIII. 38:05 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER XIV. 18:43 Read by Greg Giordano
CHAPTER XV. 31:59 Read by Greg Giordano


Good Book

(5 stars)

This is a must read of any Dostoyevsky fan. Another glimpse into the times of the Russian upper class. The reader did a fantastic job of reading and bringing the book to life.

a touching story

(5 stars)

Very well read, especially the voicing of the elderly confused prince. It was interesting to see a different side of the author with the humor. It still contained his insight into the brutality and ridiculousness of human nature, however. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you to the excellent reader.

This is a treat

(5 stars)

The story is A1 - lots of humour - not dark and grim as some Russian novels (I like those too, but this isn't one of them). The reader Greg Giordano does a fabulous job. I love the way Greg does uncle's voice.

great reading

(5 stars)

This is a really fantastic reading of one of Dostoevsky's short stories. While far from his best work, it's worth a listen if you have some extra time.


(5 stars)

Perfect example of Dostoyevsky for anyone wanting a relatively quick, short example of his work. Wonderfully well read as well! A big thank you to Mr. Giordano!

(4.5 stars)

This was a good book. There were a few chapters that were extremely comical. The reader did a great job!

(5 stars)

As a Dostoyevskey fan myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The reader did an excellent job!

(5 stars)

very well read. reader was in characters and added well to the story