Karl Marx: An Essay

Read by Phil Benson

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Born in Manchester in 1893, Harold Laski was a leading figure in the left-wing of British socialism in the first half of the 20th century. An executive member of the Fabian Society and member of the Socialist League faction of the Labour Party, he was party chairman in 1945-6. As a professor at the London School of Economics he influenced a number of prominent politicians of the post-war years, including leaders of the independence movements of Asia and Africa, and Ralph Milliband, father of the current Labour Party leader, Ed Milliband. His political views were complex and embraced democratic socialism, revolutionary Marxism and Zionism. This highly readable 1922 essay on Karl Marx is a scholarly and critical account of Marx's life and work. - Summary by Phil Benson (adapted from Wikipedia) (2 hr 2 min)


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Consolidated my understanding of Marxism

(4.5 stars)

I found this essay very good. It answered many questions I had about Marxism. Everyone who wants to study and understand Marx should read this. I found it very enlightening

Excellent overview of Marx

(5 stars)

A fond but generally fair review of the life, works, mistakes, and legacy of Karl Marx. Benson reads with excellent precision.

if your into Marksism than I guess it was ok

(2 stars)