At the Back of the North Wind (version 2)

Read by mlcui

(4.9 stars; 107 reviews)

At the Back of the North Wind is a children's book by George MacDonald. It was serialized in the children's magazine Good Words for the Young beginning in 1868 and was published in book form in 1871. It is a fantasy centered on a boy named Diamond and his adventures with the North Wind. Diamond travels together with the mysterious Lady North Wind through the nights. The book includes the fairy tale Little Daylight, which has been pulled out as an independent work, or separately, added to other collections of his fairy tales. Summary from Wikipedia (8 hr 59 min)


01 - The Hayloft 20:04 Read by mlcui
02 - The Lawn 12:56 Read by mlcui
03 - Old Diamond 17:16 Read by mlcui
04 - North Wind 19:37 Read by mlcui
05 - The Summer-house 19:34 Read by mlcui
06 - Out in the Storm 12:25 Read by mlcui
07 - The Cathedral 16:01 Read by mlcui
08 - The East Window 7:10 Read by mlcui
09 - How Diamond Got to the Back of the North Wind 29:16 Read by mlcui
10 - At the Back of the North Wind 8:53 Read by mlcui
11 - How Diamond Got Home Again 12:00 Read by mlcui
12 - Who Met Diamond at Sandwich 8:47 Read by mlcui
13 - The Seaside 15:50 Read by mlcui
14 - Old Diamond 5:12 Read by mlcui
15 - The Mews 5:47 Read by mlcui
16 - Diamond Makes a Beginning 18:00 Read by mlcui
17 - Diamond Goes On 14:22 Read by mlcui
18 - The Drunken Cabman 11:42 Read by mlcui
19 - Diamond's Friends 10:31 Read by mlcui
20 - Diamond Learns to Read 9:52 Read by mlcui
21 - Sal's Nanny 13:02 Read by mlcui
22 - Mr. Raymond's Riddle 5:36 Read by mlcui
23 - The Early Bird 5:07 Read by mlcui
24 - Another Early Bird 15:38 Read by mlcui
25 - Diamond's Dream 19:22 Read by mlcui
26 - Diamond Takes a Fare the Wrong Way Right 12:41 Read by mlcui
27 - The Children's Hospital 8:41 Read by mlcui
28 - Little Daylight 40:29 Read by mlcui
29 - Ruby 11:54 Read by mlcui
30 - Nanny's Dream 29:37 Read by mlcui
31 - The North Wind Doth Blow 6:30 Read by mlcui
32 - Diamond and Ruby 13:48 Read by mlcui
33 - The Prospect Brightens 17:50 Read by mlcui
34 - In the Country 8:31 Read by mlcui
35 - I Make Diamond's Acquaintance 19:56 Read by mlcui
36 - Diamond Questions North Wind 19:19 Read by mlcui
37 - Once More 11:17 Read by mlcui
38 - At the Back of the North Wind 4:53 Read by mlcui


Lovely story and beautiful voice.

(5 stars)

The reader has the most beautiful voice. Lovely story. I like to feel the wind in my face after listening to this story. Thank you!

exceptionally read

(5 stars)

Exceptionally read. Distinct characters rendered by a mellifluous voice.

Absolutely Beautiful

(5 stars)

Spoiler Alert!! This is a charming, and strangely mystical, if not metaphysical story of a precocious little boy's relationship with the spirit, within the wind. The last chapter made me cry, and I HATE to cry, yet I wouldn't have this book end any other way than with the child's death. The LibriVox Volunteer has the perfect voice for this little tale, and I truly loved every moment I spent listening to her read to me.

a story for adult kids

(5 stars)

This is a children's story that is deep enough for adults... Both child-like adults and those who would like to be more child-like. This reader's voice is perfect for this book.

Beautiful story, beautifully read

(5 stars)

Thank you to the reader for making such a lovely recording of this classic, wonderful story by the great Victorian story teller, George McDonald. Priceless.

(5 stars)

One of Macdonald's best fairytales for children ,and adults . Well read with nice voice.

fantastic reading

(5 stars)

Ms. Cui is a fantastic narrator and George McDonald is a fantastic author. The two go together very well and bring to life this great children's tale to life.

(5 stars)

Beautiful book, and an equally beautiful voice actor. Thank you for reading this, it was a pleasure!