Deep Lake Mystery

Read by Roger Melin

(4.4 stars; 274 reviews)

Imagine, if you will, a murder committed in a sealed room. A room which has been sealed from the inside, that is, with no possible means of exit, excepting a dangerous plunge through a window into a deep, foreboding lake with swirling eddies and rocks abound. Add to that image a wreath of flowers around the head and across the chest of the victim, a crucifix, an orange, a feather scarf tucked in here and there, two crackers, a handkerchief, and a feather duster. And a nail. Oh, and one more item to add to the curious array of arranged paraphernalia - a watch in a water pitcher by the bedside. Now place yourself in a position to solve the mystery behind this obvious murder of a wealthy man who was liked by everyone, and had no known enemies.

Carolyn Wells was a well known author of children's stories, until she began reading mystery stories written by Anna Katherine Green, and from then on she devoted her writings to puzzling mysteries in a similar vein. Summary by Roger Melin (8 hr 32 min)


A Stately Pleasure Dome ... 27:24 Read by Roger Melin
The Girl in the Canoe 28:58 Read by Roger Melin
The Tragedy 29:17 Read by Roger Melin
The Nail 28:32 Read by Roger Melin
The Lady of the Lake 28:24 Read by Roger Melin
The Watch in the Water Pitcher 28:53 Read by Roger Melin
The Inquest 28:07 Read by Roger Melin
Alma's Statements 28:21 Read by Roger Melin
Clues 27:56 Read by Roger Melin
Discussion 28:39 Read by Roger Melin
Evidence 28:33 Read by Roger Melin
My Secret 29:17 Read by Roger Melin
As To Tuesday Afternoon 29:01 Read by Roger Melin
Posy May 28:05 Read by Roger Melin
Jennie 26:12 Read by Roger Melin
Whistling Reeds 28:09 Read by Roger Melin
Ames Takes a Hand 29:11 Read by Roger Melin
All Right At Last 29:42 Read by Roger Melin


A classic for a rainy day read.

(4 stars)

Convoluted plot did keep me guessing. Well narrated (Roger Melin) and recommended. Another classic for a rainy day read.

(4 stars)

An intriguing novel, written in the language of it's time, was fun to hear aged words used in form and context of a century ago.


(4 stars)

More "love" at 1st sight, a girl who at times acts odd, & a locked room. The main character believed to have fallen in love with Alma before even speaking to her. The worst part is that he withheld evidence & constantly kept trying to get others to ignore or misinterpret evidence so that they wouldn't think Alma was involved. Everyone knew he was being a sappy ass but it was still annoying to me. Also, he considered them to be engaged despite her being shocked by his love admission (done during their 1st talk) & despite her not feeling the same. Did women really like this wussy kind of guy? The secret of the murderer (other than who did it) is weird. Why keep that a secret? This all sounds awful but I don't regret listening & didn't figure out the mystery. I liked it but just wanted that guy to go away.

Good story

(5 stars)

The summary covers the plot (excellent summary btw). I found myself bouncing back and forth between what I felt were the two obvious conclusions, so the story is tricky but not so much so that you can't guess what the secret is. Overall I found the book enjoyable. I enjoy this reader and have listened to many of his books. Thank you!

pretty much a story for a teenager

(1 stars)

Did not like the interpretation by the reader. It was as if he were telling a story to a child . Love his voice but clearly this did not suit him. The story was very long drawn out and in less than a chapter all was solved and they lived happily after !!!

A good reader

(3 stars)

I really liked the reader's voice and that added a lot to the story. Unfortunately the plot itself was quite drawn out and repetitive. I rarely figure out the killer in any mystery, but this one was obvious pretty close to the beginning. Tightly rendered, this would have been a great short story.

Deep Lake Mystery

(5 stars)

Sad but beautiful story. This reader, as usual, did a wonderful job. His style is so natural that it seems effortless, but I am certain the effort is there as well as the excellence of his narrative. Many thanks from this listener.

(4 stars)

Dr. House says, "It's never lupus;" and Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock says, "It's never a ______ ____." Unless it is. Wonderful reading by Roger Melin, as always, but the plot itself and the love-at-first-sight was a little lame.