The Mystery of the Downs

Read by Tony Oliva

(4.3 stars; 163 reviews)

"The storm had descended swiftly, sweeping in suddenly from the sea, driving across the downs to the hills at high speed, blotting out the faint rays of a crescent moon and hiding the country-side beneath a pall of blackness, which was forked at intervals by flashes of lightning." - Book's opening sentence (8 hr 52 min)


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twisted who-done-it.

(4.5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery set in England’s WWI timeframe. The reader did a great job. It was long and involved in creating its characters and plot, but I enjoyed it the more for that. In fact it ended too soon for me. It left me wanting to follow the characters though a few more chapters.

Good but sad mystery

(4 stars)

A man is caught in a bad storm one evening, which causes him to take shelter in a local farmhouse that he does not recognize. He encounters a young woman there who is also seeking shelter from the storm, but the house's owner seems nowhere to be found. While they are waiting, they hear a crash from upstairs. They rush upstairs to investigate and discover a murdered man sitting in a chair. Whodunnit? This is a nice mystery, lots of twists that go in many directions. But I will not say more so I don't give away the ending. I thought it was sad tho. Reader did a nice job, thank you.

Excellent Listen

(5 stars)

Well read and very entertaining - less bombastic & verbose than other writers of the time. Compelling plot; great historical piece as well. Recommended.

(4 stars)

good book, reader does rather too much expression, but most people probably like that sorta thing.

Good Mystery Good Reader Drowsy Prose

(3 stars)

This one has a well-plotted mystery at its core, and a reader who is well-versed on the proper way to read a mystery dating from the teens. Alas, though, the actual novel writing is just not very good, and there is a lot of dead patches, until the very satisfying last chapter is reached. Here is one where I think I would have rather seen the movie.

(4 stars)

I am having to listen to this book in short bouts, as the reading g is so much against the tone, style,and even sense, needed. The reader cannot have rehearsed,and seems to have scanned ahead a couple of words in his sentences and noticed a word which prompts him to swerve in his reading, usually to start making the characters depicted "shout" or emphasise their speech in nonsensical ways.

great mystery

(5 stars)

lots of twists and turns. kept me guessing until the end. very well constructed mystery. It took me a couple of chapters to tune into the reader but once I did no issues. in fact it was well read.

Enjoyable Who Done It!

(5 stars)

Tony Oliva is a masterful narrator and with such enthusiasm! Mr. Oliva imparts the right touch of emotion into each character and each tense situation. Quite simply, he and the story are marvelous!