Bible (WNT) NT 08: 2 Corinthians

Read by Mark Penfold

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This second letter from the Apostle Paul to the congregation of believers in the bustling port city of Corinth gives us a much more personal understanding of Paul's apostleship. He defends it rigorously, convincing his followers of his authority from God and his rights under that authority. His appeals to patience and understanding display a great emotional vulnerability in the seasoned preacher and missionary. He discusses the need to support the congregation in Jerusalem with their gifts, and reaffirms and vindicates his position as apostle to the Gentiles. - Summary by Mark Penfold (0 hr 45 min)


2 Corinthians 1-5 17:14 Read by Mark Penfold
02 - 2 Corinthians 6-9 12:48 Read by Mark Penfold
2 Corinthians 10-13 15:40 Read by Mark Penfold


(4.5 stars)

Dear Bro Mark Penfold, God has blessed you mightily with a perfect narrative voice to capture my mind,heart and spirit in your rendition of God's own Book. May countless other souls be blessed like me to have the privilege to be a receiver of your gift from Father God.