Nina Balatka

Read by Anthony Ogus

(4.5 stars; 45 reviews)

A romance set in Prague between a Catholic and a Jew. In this short novel, Trollope moves away from his usual milieu to explore a theme which has universal resonance. - Summary by Anthony Ogus (7 hr 6 min)


Chapter 01 29:22 Read by Anthony Ogus
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(4 stars)

Trollope was one of the mildest anti-Jews of his time. Indeed in Nina B His Jews are the sympathetic characters and the Bohemian Czechs the bigoted villains, The old Jewish Ghetto of Prague, the Charles Bridge with its statues are still there now as they were in Trollope’s time. But how perceptive and sympathetic Trollope was. When my ethnic but not religiously Jewish mother and my ex- Methodist WASP dad married in Toronto in 1942 both families were very dismayed. They got over it. However in Nina B this “mixed” couple had to run away and start anew. where the extreme general anti- semitism of the time in all lands was less than in Bohemia. I think Trollope was progressive for his times. I have read more than 25 of his novels . He has used the nasty- anti Jewish tropes in a number of them. But in Nina Balatka A.T. in my eyes mainly redeems himself. The reading was very good. Voice interesting.

Entertaining, but not great

(3 stars)

Anthony Ogus is an excellent narrator who speaks in a pleasant R.P. English accent, but varies his voice to suit a variety of characters. Prague had nearly a 1,000 year history of Jews when this novel was writing. Most famously was the myth of the Golem, which is not mentioned at all in this romance between a religious Catholic woman and a much older Jewish money lender. While listening, I had hoped that the main characters would develop more, but in the end they didn't. Due to the subject matter, it should have included more passion and twists, but then again, the writer was an Englishman and not a Slav.

Riveting, great reader!

(5 stars)

Terrific book! It makes me realize some people have come a long way regarding prejudices. Too bad not everyone understands. Perhaps some day. Fantastic reader. Thank you!

(5 stars)

I thought this book would be too tragic for me, but I must say I couldn't stop listening. Anthony O. Is a superb reader!

(5 stars)

Interesting book. So different from Anthony Trollope ‘s books. The narrator is excellent as usual.

Well read

(5 stars)

Very focused on the jew/Christian element of the relationship. But a nice story.

(4 stars)

just another great novel. excellent reader