The Hermit of ---- Street

Read by Laura Victoria

(4.2 stars; 175 reviews)

Delight Hunter spends her days looking out of her window at her handsome but very mysterious and reclusive next door neighbor. She walks straight into a mystery when one day a fire starts in one of the upper rooms of his house and she dashes over to warn him, only to have him lock her in with instructions to let no one else in. Why is he so insistent that no one come in? What secrets are hidden within the walls of this house? - Summary by Laura Victoria (1 hr 31 min)


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The Hermit of ......... Street

(3 stars)

Seems as if there should have been another chapter or two to complete the story. it is as if the story left you hanging in mid air.....


(0.5 stars)

Who in her right mind would be put through so much by a man, not be relieved by that man, & then just forgive him like that? The entire story is ridiculous. In addition, it seems unfinished. Maybe AKG wanted to be done with it, too?


(3.5 stars)

A somewhat familiar story, but with a slight twist. It could have made a nice full novel rather than an abrupt novella with too many loose ends.

An enchanting tale

(5 stars)

Faith in Love intensify. Wonderfully read and gripping till the end.

Ready for a bizarre crime story?

(5 stars)

A bizarre romance, an even more bizarre crime, and finally a bizarre surprising ending. Is the heroin of the story a criminal or does she have a heart of gold?. The author cleverly incorporates ameliorating circumstances that leave one in doubt. It helps to keep in mind that this was written around 1901. Narrator, Laura Victoria is my favorite reader. Not only is she a consummate reader, but she chooses the most interesting books for us!

Suspenseful tale, but motivations are murky/bizarre

(3 stars)

I agree with other reviewers. Who are these alien people who react in strange and absurd ways? Is it possible that these characters' actions made some kind of sense at the time that this book was written? Were norms and mores so much different then? Still, it has a dark and gothic atmosphere and communicates a pervading sense of danger. Rather entertaining, if baffling.

Perplexing Characters

(4 stars)

The story does maintain a sinister atmosphere that should keep listeners interested. But, honestly, not one character made sense to me. I felt I was in some parallel universe where everybody reacted in ways that were outside my understanding. Oh, well. The reader was very good.

An Ok Story

(5 stars)

Short but enjoyable fiction pleasantly read by the narrator. It’s one of those tales that certainly could not happen today. Still I do recommend this book and was entertained.