Black Amazon of Mars (Version 3)

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

(4.2 stars; 18 reviews)

In his final adventure on Mars, Eric John Stark acquires a relic of an ancient Martian hero, a gem or lens which is believed to be the key to the strength of Kushat, the city that guards the Gates of Death in the frozen north. A brief inspection of the artifact plunges Stark into the mind of its creator, where he sees, through those long-dead eyes, the unutterably ancient, beautiful, and evil Martian race who are imprisoned in the ice beyond the Gates of Death, alive and plotting to reclaim Mars for themselves and to extend the ice, their world, around the whole planet. Falling into the hands of roving outlaws, Stark survives torture and overcomes his cruel torturer, thereby winning the respect of the leader, who wears black clothing and a fearful mask. After a daring escape, Stark makes his way to Kushat, with the double intent of restoring the artifact and warning the city that the outlaw band intends to attack it. He finds both tasks difficult but at length succeeds in persuading the city officials of the danger. The battle which ensues costs both sides dearly, and it also precipitates the main action of the novel, for a citizen flees the falling city intent upon opening the Gates of Death in the hope that whatever lies beyond will overwhelm the invaders. Stark pursues him, still carrying the ancient amulet, and is himself pursued by the now unmasked, black-clad leader of the outlaw band. Finally three antagonists find themselves bound together in a struggle with the ancients for possession of the planet Mars. (This story was later expanded in book form under the title People of the Talisman 1964.) - Summary by T. A. Copeland (2 hr 40 min)


Chapter 01 14:23 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 02 16:38 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 03 15:31 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 04 20:55 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 05 15:21 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 06 19:15 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 07 16:35 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 08 23:06 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
Chapter 09 18:44 Read by Thomas A. Copeland


Storytelling of a high order

(5 stars)

There is an art of telling a story. Thomas Copeland possesses this in abundance. He is expert in literature of the highest order of refinement (Milton, the renaissance poets)and also in pulp fiction concerning itself with imagined worlds. The world is enriched by the presence of such a polymath. Enhance your life by listening to him.

Pulp at its Best

(5 stars)

An absolutely assured narrative rendition by Mr Copeland.


(4 stars)

I liked the story but especially liked listening to the reader.