The A.E.F.: With General Pershing and the American Forces

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 11 reviews)

In 1917, the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) arrived in Europe to fight alongside the French and British allied forces. American journalist Heywood Broun followed the AEF and reported on their experiences. He published these sketches in book form in 1918. This project is part of the ongoing commemoration by LibriVox volunteers of the centenary of World War I. (Summary by MaryAnn) (5 hr 18 min)


The Big Pond 10:05 Read by MaryAnn
The A. E. F. 14:42 Read by MaryAnn
Lafayette, Nous Voilà 13:16 Read by twalter8
The Franco-american Honeymoon 23:46 Read by twalter8
Within Sound of the Guns 20:51 Read by twalter8
Sunny France 17:36 Read by Denise Nordell
Pershing 11:51 Read by twalter8
Men with Medals 15:33 Read by James K. White
Letters Home 10:45 Read by William A Crenshaw
Marines 9:55 Read by William A Crenshaw
Field Pieces and Big Guns 12:32 Read by twalter8
Our Aviators and a Few Others 18:58 Read by twalter8
Hospitals and Engineers 14:09 Read by MaryAnn
We Visit the French Army 18:10 Read by twalter8
Verdun 7:36 Read by William A Crenshaw
We Visit the British Army 19:46 Read by Jeremiah Sutherland
Back from Prison 5:22 Read by Jeremiah Sutherland
Finishing Touches 21:51 Read by Jeremiah Sutherland
The American Army Marches To The Trenches 9:20 Read by William A Crenshaw
Trench Life 22:32 Read by James K. White
The Veterans Return 20:20 Read by James K. White


Great book.

(5 stars)

Very well written and read by multiple readers. All good except one that sounded like he was reading into a tin can. Highly recommend.

(4.5 stars)

Very enjoyable for the WWI fan.