The Black Arrow - A Tale of the Two Roses

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 74 reviews)

The Black Arrow tells the story of Richard (Dick) Shelton during the Wars of the Roses: how he becomes a knight, rescues his lady Joanna Sedley, and obtains justice for the murder of his father, Sir Harry Shelton. Outlaws in
Tunstall Forest organized by Ellis Duckworth, whose weapon and calling card is a black arrow, cause Dick to suspect
that his guardian Sir Daniel Brackley and his retainers are responsible for his father's murder. Dick's suspicions
are enough to turn Sir Daniel against him, so he has no recourse but to escape from Sir Daniel and join the outlaws
of the Black Arrow against him. This struggle sweeps him up into the greater conflict surrounding them all.
The story of the Wars of the Roses is told in miniature by The Black Arrow. (Summary from Wikipedia) (8 hr 13 min)


0-01 Prologue - John Amend-All 34:06 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-01 At the Sign of the 'Sun' in Kettley 16:18 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-02 In the Fen 11:04 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-03 The Fen Ferry 14:15 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-04 A Greenwood Company 15:31 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-05 'Bloody as the Hunter' 16:25 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-06 To the Day's End 13:45 Read by Jeremy Pavier
1-07 The Hooded Face 17:22 Read by Jeremy Pavier
2-01 Dick Asks Questions 16:17 Read by Jeremy Pavier
2-02 The Two Oaths 14:52 Read by Jeremy Pavier
2-03 The Room Over the Chapel 12:34 Read by Jeremy Pavier
2-04 The Passage 9:38 Read by Jeremy Pavier
2-05 How Dick Changed Sides 16:02 Read by Jeremy Pavier
3-01 The House by the Shore 15:29 Read by Esther
3-02 A Skirmish in the Dark 13:24 Read by Esther
3-03 St. Bride's Cross 6:55 Read by Esther
3-04 The 'Good Hope' 17:59 Read by Esther
3-05 The 'Good Hope' - continued 12:39 Read by Esther
3-06 The 'Good Hope' - concluded 11:01 Read by Esther
4-01 The Den 15:16 Read by Esther
4-02 'In Mine Enemies' House' 19:27 Read by Esther
4-03 The Dead Spy 15:48 Read by Esther
4-04 In the Abbey Church 20:02 Read by Esther
4-05 Earl Risingham 7:20 Read by Esther
4-06 Arblaster Again 21:43 Read by Esther
5-01 The Shrill Trumpet 14:45 Read by Esther
5-02 The Battle of Shoreby 14:14 Read by Esther
5-03 The Battle of Shoreby - concluded 9:16 Read by Esther
5-04 The Sack of Shoreby 20:31 Read by Esther
5-05 Night in the Woods: Alicia Risingham 15:36 Read by Esther
5-06 Night in the Woods - concluded: Dick and Joan 19:34 Read by Esther
5-07 Dick's Revenge 8:41 Read by Esther
5-08 Conclusion 5:35 Read by Esther


Excellent Book!

(4 stars)

this book is exceedingly well written and captivating. The readers do a good job for the most part...although I wish Jeremy would have read the whole book.


(5 stars)

AMAZING!!! A breath taking story full of adventure

excellent work with fine readers

(5 stars)

The Black Arrow is really an incredible story of great doings brilliantly wreathed in historical context. It’s the classic tale of knighthood told in an honest and unabashed manner. The readers are well read and fully capable of transferring the greatness of the story.

All stars for Jeremy.

(3 stars)

Had to quit listening because of Esther's strange reading. Good story though. Listen instead to the version read by Mark Smith, who does a very good job.

fun story

(5 stars)

An unexpected find, I did not know about this book, written by a favorite author of mine. What an enjoyable tale! Two readers, both did a very good job.

(3 stars)

I know these are volunteers, but I would like for all of the chapters to be read by the same volunteer. Preferably dramatically, with emotion.

Great book

(5 stars)

Jeremy's accent suited the book perfectly. This book was a difficult read. Well done to the readers.


(4.5 stars)

A lesser known book of RLS, but an enjoyable one. Esther provided an excellent reading.