The Pickwick Papers

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The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, better known as The Pickwick Papers, is the first novel by Charles Dickens. Written for publication as a serial, The Pickwick Papers consists of a sequence of loosely-related adventures. Its main literary value and appeal is formed by its numerous unforgettable heroes. Each personage in The Pickwick Papers (just as in many other Dickens' novels) is drawn comically, often with exaggerated features of character. (Wikipedia) (32 hr 0 min)


The Pickwickians 14:49 Read by Debra Lynn
The first Day's Journey, and the first Evening's Adventures; with their Consequ… 1:06:46 Read by Debra Lynn
A new Acquaintance--The Stroller's Tale--A disagreeable Interruption, and an un… 31:01 Read by Debra Lynn
A Field Day and Bivouac--More new Friends--An Invitation to the Country 28:49 Read by Simon Evers
A short one--Showing, among other Matters, how Mr. Pickwick undertook to drive,… 28:15 Read by vlooi
An Old-Fashioned Card-Party — The Clergyman’s Verses — The Story Of The Convict… 42:28 Read by John Rose
How Mr. Winkle, instead of shooting at the Pigeon and killing the Crow, shot at… 26:19 Read by roolynninms
Strongly illustrative of the Position, that the Course of True Love is not a Ra… 33:22 Read by Euthymius
A Discovery and a Chase 21:13 Read by Debra Lynn
Clearing up all Doubts (if any existed) of the Disinterestedness of Mr. A. Jing… 34:37 Read by Euthymius
Involving another Journey, and an Antiquarian Discovery; Recording Mr. Pickwick… 44:36 Read by Patti Brugman
Descriptive of a very important Proceeding on the Part of Mr. Pickwick; no less… 14:44 Read by Debra Lynn
Some Account of Eatanswill; of the State of Parties therein; and of the Electio… 54:36 Read by Alan Chant
Comprising a brief Description of the Company at the Peacock assembled; and a T… 42:06 Read by Simon Evers
In which is given a faithful Portraiture of two distinguished Persons; and an a… 36:33 Read by Patti Brugman
Too full of Adventure to be briefly described 54:31 Read by John Schell
Showing that an Attack of Rheumatism, in some Cases, acts as a Quickener to inv… 22:25 Read by Debra Lynn
Briefly illustrative of two Points; first, the Power of Hysterics, and, secondl… 25:20 Read by Debra Lynn
A pleasant Day with an unpleasant Termination 32:00 Read by Patti Brugman
Showing how Dodson and Fogg were Men of Business, and their Clerks Men of pleas… 38:16 Read by Patti Brugman
In which the old Man launches forth into his favourite Theme, and relates a Sto… 45:30 Read by Patti Brugman
Mr. Pickwick journeys to Ipswich and meets with a romantic Adventure with a mid… 37:54 Read by Patti Brugman
In which Mr. Samuel Weller begins to devote his Energies to the Return Match be… 20:20 Read by Debra Lynn
Wherein Mr. Peter Magnus grows jealous, and the middle-aged Lady apprehensive, … 33:52 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
Showing, among a Variety of pleasant Matters, how majestic and impartial Mr. Nu… 41:38 Read by Debra Lynn
Which contains a brief Account of the Progress of the Action of Bardell against… 16:02 Read by Debra Lynn
Samuel Weller makes a Pilgrimage to Dorking, and beholds his Mother-in-law 23:16 Read by Debra Lynn
A good-humoured Christmas Chapter, containing an Account of a Wedding, and some… 1:03:52 Read by Alan Chant
The Story of the Goblins who stole a Sexton 25:54 Read by Debra Lynn
How the Pickwickians made and cultivated the Acquaintance of a Couple of nice y… 28:00 Read by Debra Lynn
Which is all about the Law, and sundry Great Authorities learned therein 36:19 Read by Debra Lynn
Describes, far more fully than the Court Newsman ever did, a Bachelor's Party, … 43:41 Read by David A. Stokely
Mr. Weller the elder delivers some Critical Sentiments respecting Literary Comp… 39:11 Read by Debra Lynn
Is wholly devoted to a full and faithful Report of the memorable Trial of Barde… 59:18 Read by Debra Lynn
In which Mr. Pickwick thinks he had better go to Bath; and goes accordingly 34:12 Read by Lorie Heinrichs
The chief Features of which will be found to be an authentic Version of the Leg… 29:00 Read by Debra Lynn
Honourably accounts for Mr. Weller's Absence, by describing a Soiree to which h… 31:45 Read by Patti Brugman
How Mr. Winkle, when he stepped out of the Frying-pan, walked gently and comfor… 32:29 Read by Simon Evers
Mr. Samuel Weller, being intrusted with a Mission of Love, proceeds to execute … 37:58 Read by Patti Brugman
Introduces Mr. Pickwick to a new and not uninteresting Scene in the great Drama… 30:09 Read by Debra Lynn
What befell Mr. Pickwick when he got into the Fleet; what Prisoners he saw ther… 32:08 Read by Patti Brugman
Illustrative, like the preceding one, of the old Proverb, that Adversity brings… 34:56 Read by Debra Lynn
Showing how Mr. Samuel Weller got into Difficulties 33:38 Read by Patti Brugman
Treats of divers little Matters which occurred in the Fleet, and of Mr. Winkle'… 32:43 Read by Debra Lynn
Descriptive of an affecting Interview between Mr. Samuel Weller and a Family Pa… 40:43 Read by Patti Brugman
Records a touching Act of delicate Feeling not unmixed with Pleasantry, achieve… 22:27 Read by Edward Elmer
Is chiefly devoted to Matters of Business, and the temporal Advantage of Dodson… 27:12 Read by Edward Elmer
Relates how Mr. Pickwick, with the Assistance of Samuel Weller, essayed to soft… 31:34 Read by Simon Evers
Containing the Story of the Bagman's Uncle 42:53 Read by Simon Evers
How Mr. Pickwick sped upon his Mission, and how he was reinforced in the Outset… 35:08 Read by Simon Evers
In which Mr. Pickwick encounters an old Acquaintance--To which fortunate Circum… 33:24 Read by Edward Elmer
Involving a serious Change in the Weller Family, and the untimely Downfall of M… 29:07 Read by Debra Lynn
Comprising the final Exit of Mr. Jingle and Job Trotter, with a great Morning o… 28:58 Read by Debra Lynn
Containing some Particulars relative to the Double Knock, and other Matters: am… 32:15 Read by Patti Brugman
Mr. Solomon Pell, assisted by a Select Committee of Coachmen, arranges the affa… 32:14 Read by Patti Brugman
An important Conference takes place between Mr. Pickwick and Samuel Weller, at … 28:02 Read by Debra Lynn
In which the Pickwick Club is finally dissolved, and everything concluded to th… 18:29 Read by Debra Lynn



(5 stars)

An interesting, leisurely journey. While most of it might be termed "verbal slapstick," there are serious moments, especially the commentary on Fleet Prison. Dickens also lets the modern reader understand that greedy, avaricious, and thoroughly despicable lawyers are not a new invention.

Dickens at his finest

(5 stars)

This novel, or serial of short stories and anecdotes, is raucous and sensible fun. It is not a light investment of time, but it is well worth it for someone willing to make the endeavor.

my first dickens

(5 stars)

thoroughly enjoyable listen,my first dickens book but I now have the "bug" and will continue, my only negative is the amount of different narrators but all very good just the same the story sometimes seems a bit confusing but I think that made it the more interesting

(4 stars)

Geat book well read. Exudes Dickens' famous wit and irony, eloquently poking fun at the ridiculous, and honoring the noble. Telling and retelling timeless truths. One can observe tid bits of his future works including A Christmas Carol and Little Dorrit.

Delightful Listen

(5 stars)

All the readers were good. The story was exciting and humorous.

Thank you!

(5 stars)

Thank you very much for posting this file.

rg.m the

(5 stars)

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