Religions of Ancient China

Read by MaryAnn

(4.6 stars; 36 reviews)

An overview of the religions of China, beginning with Fu Hsi, B.C. 2953-2838, and continuing through the 19th Century. (1 hr 22 min)


The Ancient Faith 36:15 Read by MaryAnn
Confucianism 15:47 Read by MaryAnn
Taoism 7:17 Read by MaryAnn
Materialism 15:30 Read by MaryAnn
Buddhism and Other Religions 7:50 Read by MaryAnn


(1 stars)

Poor and incorrect descriptions. the reading is clear, but the reader mispronounces English and Chinese words.

(5 stars)

Good starting point to understand broad strokes of Chinese hokum

Religion of Ancient China

(5 stars)

Great insight into ancient Chinese philosophy!