Her Mother's Secret

Read by Bridget Gaige

(4.3 stars; 57 reviews)

What kind of secret could a mother be keeping that would keep long time lovers apart, and force her eldest daughter into a hasty marriage? Young Odalite and her cousin Leonidas have lived the past three years apart, with Leonidas at sea, and were planning on marrying when he came back. An old acquaintance turns up who knows something about Odalite’s mother’s past, and holds that secret over her, threatening dishonor to her and her family, unless she gives him what he wants. Will true love win the day? This story will be continued in the sequels "Love's Bitterest Cup" and "When Shadows Die". (Bridget Gaige) (8 hr 47 min)


Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 22:54 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 22:13 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 5 & Chapter 6 27:59 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 7 & Chapter 8 19:44 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 9 & Chapter 10 24:31 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 11 & Chapter 12 19:35 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 27:41 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 15 & Chapter 16 19:37 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 17 & Chapter 18 27:19 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 19 & Chapter 20 23:28 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 21 & Chapter 22 23:19 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 23 & Chapter 24 21:07 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 25 & Chapter 26 16:36 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 27 & Chapter 28 25:43 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 29 & Chapter 30 23:40 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 31 & Chapter 32 19:03 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 33 & Chapter 34 23:48 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 35 & Chapter 36 17:15 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 37 & Chapter 38 20:55 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 39 & Chapter 40 19:54 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 41 & Chapter 42 23:22 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 43 & Chapter 44 16:25 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 45 & Chapter 46 23:27 Read by Bridget Gaige
Chapter 47 & Chapter 48 17:40 Read by Bridget Gaige


Fine reading by Bridget Gage

(5 stars)

Just started. Seems like an interesting black mail story, that is what it seems so far. but the black mail is probably something trivial and petty. . The mother is so selfish to give her daughter to this rogue due to some secret if known would ruin her reputation. what was it? was she a an actress on the stage, was she the daughter of a haberdasher, etc? omg shock horror!, her tainted past will ruin her and Odalite's social life! :) Oh please, please! read the sequel Love's Bitterest Cup. I'm sure i'm not alone who would grateful if you do readers. "...odalite is a similar but less bright blue than its close cousin lapis lazuli,...." Wikipedia. However I only saw it mentioned in the search result abstract that came from a broader search..... Making Jewelry with Gemstone Beads Paperback – November 2, 2007 by Barbara Case (Author) update: fine reader Bridget Gage is doing yeoman's work on sequel Love's Bitterest Cup and it looks like she is over 50% in finishing it. Thank you so much Bridget. She also did the solo for this book, the prequel Her Mother's secret ======================================================================================== CRITICAL UPDATE !!! PUBLIC WARNING SIRENS, THE MARTIANS ARE HERE !!! PLEASE BRIDGET CAN YOU FREE UP YOUR LAST ELEVEN CHAPTERS SO WE CAN LISTEN TO THE GREAT SEQUEL Love's Bitterest Cup BEFORE WE ARE DESTROYED ?! Seriously Bridget, I know you have brought into the world a beautiful baby/ citizen of the world. And toddlers need their mothers in their first year or so. Please quit your last 11 chapters and let others read them. You have to take care and teach your child in its formative years and we need to hear the sequel. This may sound rather ill mannered...not at all. Your child and everyone's children should be precious. I implore you to open up your last 11 chapters to another reader or readers. We would be so grateful :-) dahszil male planet earth

No closure

(2 stars)

Very unimpressive to go all the way through the book only to discover there was no true end. This book was a disappointment after the extraordinarily well-developed plot in The Hidden Hand by the same author. Bridget Gaige is a good reader except for a number of mispronounced words- which can be easily overlooked if the plot is interesting. :)

(3 stars)

great story but without an ending it was a disappointing read.

This novel is complete

(0 stars)

This is the complete novel. I note that in the last sentence of the book, the author makes reference to a sequel called Love's Bitterest Cup, but it is not part of this novel. It is available to read online at <a href="http://hdl.handle.net/2027/umn.31951002118687i" rel="nofollow">http://hdl.handle.net/2027/umn.31951002118687i</a> where it is described as the sequel to this. <font color="#FF0000">UPDATE 2 Dec 2015:</font> Glad to report that the same reader is now well underway with Love's Bitterest Cup.

Very annoying!

(1 stars)

if a novel has multiple parts it ought to be noted in the description so that even if both parts aren't recorded the listener has the choice to not get involved in a partially available work. This is not the first instance of this kind of thing. If it can't be completed why can't you indicate that in advance?

Thoroughly Engrossing

(5 stars)

I listened to the entire book in 2 days. The author paints vivid pictures of life in that period. Although we don't get answers to all of the questions, we do see the depravity of man, of unbelievable sacrifice & amazing intervention of Divine Providence.

(4 stars)

an interesting read although no comparison with The Hidden Hand! thanks to Bridget the story was interesting all the way through

another well-written and well-narrated book!

(4.5 stars)

I am off to listen to the next book this series!