Yesterday Framed in To-day: A Story of the Christ, and How To-Day Received Him

Read by TriciaG

(4.8 stars; 64 reviews)

What would have happened if Christ hadn't come to Israel 2000 years ago, but had come to North America at the end of the 19th Century? This story makes that assumption and paints a picture of what it might have looked like - how different members of society might have reacted. The story follows David Holman, an invalid young man at the opening of the story. - Summary by TriciaG

Note: the text source linked is missing the last 4 pages of the story. The missing portion was recorded from this text: (8 hr 32 min)


'We Have Heard the Fame of Him' 16:54 Read by TriciaG
'It Was a True Report Which I Heard in Mine Own Land' 16:13 Read by TriciaG
'We Have Heard His Voice Out of the Midst of the Fire' 16:17 Read by TriciaG
'Who Healeth All Thy Diseases' 16:41 Read by TriciaG
'He Hath Put a New Song in My Mouth' 16:43 Read by TriciaG
'They Opened Their Mouth Wide Against Me. They Said, 'Aha, Aha, Our Eye Hath Se… 17:32 Read by TriciaG
'I Will Not Refrain My Lips' 17:33 Read by TriciaG
'Who Hath Believed Our Report?' 17:41 Read by TriciaG
'He that Soweth Iniquity, Shall Reap Calamity' 17:06 Read by TriciaG
'Hear Ye Indeed, but Understand Not' 18:07 Read by TriciaG
'There Is No Beauty, that We Should Desire Him' 18:16 Read by TriciaG
'I Will Seek Him Whom My Soul Loveth' 18:03 Read by TriciaG
'He Is Despised and Rejected of Men' 17:16 Read by TriciaG
'He Hath Sent Me to Bind up the Broken-Hearted' 17:05 Read by TriciaG
'A Man's Heart Deviseth His Way' 17:34 Read by TriciaG
'Can God Prepare a Table in the Wilderness?' 16:52 Read by TriciaG
'They Have Taught their Tongue to Speak Lies' 17:14 Read by TriciaG
'As the Hart Panteth After the Water Brooks' 17:47 Read by TriciaG
'If Any Man Thirst --' 19:07 Read by TriciaG
'To Open the Blind Eyes' 17:09 Read by TriciaG
'I Will Declare Thy Name unto My Brethren' 17:40 Read by TriciaG
'Give Us Help from Trouble' 18:09 Read by TriciaG
'Hope Deferred Maketh the Heart Sick' 18:34 Read by TriciaG
'Shall the Dead Arise and Praise Thee?' 18:14 Read by TriciaG
'Lover and Friend Hast Thou Put Far from Me' 18:53 Read by TriciaG
'Smite the Shepherd, and the Sheep Shall Be Scattered' 18:32 Read by TriciaG
'He Hath Swallowed up Death Forever' 19:17 Read by TriciaG
'I Will Work, and Who Shall Let It?' 16:45 Read by TriciaG
'Therefore Will Not We Fear' 18:52 Read by TriciaG


currently among my favorite books of all time

(5 stars)

How sweet it is to have a story give a fresh but true perspective of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Not tone missed if you love the Savior.

God Bless You Again Tricia

(5 stars)

As only a man from Mississippi I have tried to keep my personal beliefs and feelings from my reviews. But your talented reading of this inspirational story has inspired me so that my hands tremble as I write. Whenever I think of Jesus on the cross I cry (usually not in public because men are taught that only babies cry), but I can't help it. And I have tried to be "politically correct" in my reviews as always. But, as I listened to your reading I was astonished to see that not one review has been written of this wonderful work of "Pansy", as her father called her. As often referred to and stated in this story, faith is something that mere words (at least not mine) can describe. I wish this country (USA) which I have fought and bled for would as a whole listen to these stories and not the so-called news or "opinions" that seem to be drowning our great nation. I had written many pages to put down here, but I don't won't to impinge on the rights or patience of others. God bless you again Tricia and God bless Librivox, your great country and the USA, and, I believe God would want me to add, all the people of this earth who are suffering and hurting as I write these very simple, but truly genuine feelings and beliefs.

Yesterday Framed in Today

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this book; it is a good way to evaluate our modern world’s probable response if the Messiah came today, even though cultural and social norms are quite different from the time when Pansy wrote this book. I understand that it was necessary for Pansy to take a number of liberties in composing this story. However, there are two things I wish she had not done: presuming any other interaction which Jesus had besides what is found in the Bible, and interweaving the complexities of finding a life partner amid the other crises that the main character experienced. Although Pansy didn’t give details for Jesus’ actions that would not exemplify the life we do know He lived, it bothers me a little to presume details on His activities. To presume about details in his disciples’ lives and in the ones He healed, fine. But I prefer that no actions be ascribed to Jesus that aren’t facts. The romance, if it can even be called such, played too prominent a role, and I felt it was distracting. Otherwise it was a worthwhile listen.

Yesterday Framed Today...TODAY

(5 stars)

This book describes life as it would be "Yesteryear" circa 1800s, and justaposes the same situations with modern day life. Ha ha, those people were so quaint... but then one is convicted by what the Church has begun to accept as normal. Those Yesterday people would hardly recognize Today's (2021) Church or Christian Households. As all of Pansy's Novels, this book is at once entertaining, eye-opening, and CONVICTING. (3/21)

👏 Wow!

(5 stars)

This is a daring story for its time and place, and it really pulled me into the characters' lives. Unforgettable.

(4 stars)

a great attempt by Pansy to rewrite the gospels for our reading pleasure.

(5 stars)

simply an amazing awe inspiring way to tell thate story

Wonderful perspective- Always Fab Author and Reader

(5 stars)