The Splendid Outcast

Read by Tony Oliva

(4.5 stars; 20 reviews)

_What else?_—What else had happened? Something to do with the remarkable likeness between himself and Harry? The likeness,—so strong that only their own mother had been able to tell them apart.

Memory came to him with a rush. He remembered now what had happened in the darkness, what he had done. Taken Harry’s lieutenant’s uniform, giving the coward his own corporal’s outfit. Then he, Jim Horton, had gone on and carried out the Major’s orders, leaving the coward writhing in the ditch.

By George!——the fight—he, Jim Horton, had won the victory at Boissière Wood for the —th Infantry—_for Harry!—as Harry_!

Perhaps, he was really Harry and not Jim Horton at all? He glanced around him curiously, as though somewhat amused at the metempsychosis. And then thoughtfully shook his head.

No. He was Jim Horton, all right—Jim Horton. There was no mistake about that. (Excerpt from chapter 1) (11 hr 56 min)


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One of my favorite narrators

(3 stars)

2019 - narrator marathon interesting plot where one twin takes the place of his cowardly twin brother to win a battle and gets hurt in the process. even though he has tried to tell the truth, he is not believed, therefore, he must continue to live the war hero lie hoping someone will catch on. not even the wife of his brother notices. she begins to like the changes she believes her husband has gone thru due to his experiences in the war. But what happens when the cowardly brother comes back and decides he wants his life back to take advantage of benefits that have come due to the hero's results?

Couldn’t put it down!

(5 stars)

Splendidly fast paced, poignant thriller set in WWI France. Tony Oliva is a terrific reader, bringing the characters to life with voices and accents that express their individual personalities and attributes plausibly and compellingly. I hope to find more George Gibbs stories read by this talented actor-narrator. I’m also grateful to LibriVox for making it available and for “suggesting” it after I had enjoyed several suspenseful Wilkie Collins stories.

Highly Enjoyable!

(5 stars)

Tony Oliva performs a narration of sheer perfection in this wonderful story. His French accents, which can take some concentration, are a delight. You won’t want to put this book down towards the last seven chapters. Excellent story narrated by a master!


(5 stars)

Gibbs wrings every bit of suspense out of this great story. Any reader should enjoy it. Tony Oliva did a masterful job; his pace was perfect and his intonated accents nothing short of perfect.