When a Man Marries

Read by Sharon Kilmer

(4.4 stars; 183 reviews)

A divorced playboy hosts a dinner party complete with a stand in wife to placate his aunt who financially supports him. When his chef is hospitalized with smallpox symptoms, the fun begins. Throw in an ex-wife, a mystery, and a little romance and you have a comedy of side splitting proportions. - Summary by Sharon Kilmer (5 hr 49 min)


At Least I Meant Well 12:31 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Way It Began 17:28 Read by Sharon Kilmer
I Might Have Known It 21:33 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Door Was Closed 14:13 Read by Sharon Kilmer
From The Tree Of Love 18:30 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Mighty Poor Joke 17:17 Read by Sharon Kilmer
We Make An Omelet 24:53 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Correspondents' Department 14:19 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Flannigan's Find 13:47 Read by Sharon Kilmer
On The Stairs 15:11 Read by Sharon Kilmer
I Make A Discovery 10:30 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Roof Garden 19:08 Read by Sharon Kilmer
He Does Not Deny It 18:29 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Almost, But Not Quite 16:04 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Suspicion And Discord 20:14 Read by Sharon Kilmer
I Face Flannigan 10:25 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Clash And A Kiss 10:39 Read by Sharon Kilmer
It's All My Fault 13:02 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Harbison Man 8:15 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Breaking Out In A New Place 9:16 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Bar Of Soap 20:39 Read by Sharon Kilmer
It Was A Delirium 10:51 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Coming 12:45 Read by Sharon Kilmer


(5 stars)

LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! Fun story would make a great movie.

interesting plot

(4 stars)

Twisty plot and well and clearly narrated by Sharon Kilmer. Enjoyable.

Enjoyed until the end

(2 stars)

This was a fun & interesting listen until the end. Mysteries & comedies are right up my alley. The characters were a bunch of characters! I easily became interested in them, even the ones that could be annoying & dramatic. However, I'm left with many important unanswered questions which is why I can't rate this higher. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! I wasn't told how Tom got hurt. If it was by a flower pot then how? How did Mcgurkin get into the house? If he's a #2 story man I'd assume he sneaked in to get a story. There's no mention of this. So, did he decide to be a thief instead? That seems odd to me. How did the other news men & police know he was in the house in the 1st place? Why did they decide to hold everyone there? Why didn't they just go in & get the man at once? Once the cop Flannigan discovered him why didn't he tell the others about him? How could Mcgurkin complain about the food & beds? No one knew he was there to make him comfortable & they wouldn't anyway since he's a thief!

Oh what a tangled web we weave when once we start out to deceive

(4.5 stars)

Hilarious lesson in an upper class 20th century tangle! A picture of how people's true colours come out under stress... with all types of strange happenings to add to the excitement. This is what happens when everyone living in enforced close quarters deceives one another or acts underhanded, with a happier ending than most of these actions would have in real life! Well written and left glad to have spent the time listening.

I Knew Whodunit!!!

(4.5 stars)

i was pretty excited to find i was right about whodunit! (no spoilers here) super fun book leaves you breathless running from the roof to the cellar and all floors in between to keep up with the action. Sharon is a very enthusiastic reader and her personality adds GREATLY to her narration. she is perfect in this sort of madcap comedy. she mispronounces a LOT of words, but you realize what she means by context. 5/2021

-Quirky little mystery

(4 stars)

This book could make a great BBC show. A bunch of rich folks stranded in quarantine without servents. When jewels begin disappearing, the fun begins. Reader is good, this was well suited to her voice. A few misprounounciations maudlin, row (as fight, rhyms with hoe), and a very few others. not enough to pull me out of the story. Typed blind, as no text showing on my android. Please forgive any typos or awkward sentences..


(5 stars)

I love the tensions she creates in social environments. Coincidentally interesting in these Covid times how this group of well heeled New Yorkers respond to a sudden lock down in the house at a dinner party when the cook is suspected of having small pox. Should really be made into a film!! "

You won’t regret reading this!

(5 stars)

I don’t know how, but “When a Man Marries” gets better every time I read it. I can say this because I’ve read it four times. Kilmer’s performance fits the tone of the book perfectly. Gosh, I actually want to start listening to it all over again right now!