Life of Isaac Mason as a Slave

Read by Lynne T

(4.6 stars; 63 reviews)

Isaac Mason was born into slavery. As a young man, he escaped to freedom and made a life for himself. An intelligent man, he gave lectures on his experiences and was later encouraged to publish them in book form. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (2 hr 9 min)


Preface 2:00 Read by Lynne T
Earliest Recollections 19:02 Read by Lynne T
In A New Home 34:00 Read by Lynne T
Escape From Slavery 20:19 Read by Lynne T
In The Land Of Freedom 38:38 Read by Lynne T
A Flying Visit To Hayti 15:09 Read by Lynne T


well-told true story, interesting language usage,

(4 stars)

Great book! We're lucky to have this descriptive first hand account of being born into slavery; living under other people's control; desperate fleeing... Isaac Mason shows his personality in his telling, and he gives us a stark view from inside his environment. I also found it fascinating to notice which details Isaac Mason chose to describe his experiences. The reader is a fine reader, but I would love to hear the voice of a southern African-American man to match the writer and bring us even closer to Mr. Mason's experience.

Another Priceless Story

(5 stars)

I enjoy reading the history found in slave narratives. The fact that the story is available to the public is a blessing. Enjoyed the reader.

(4.5 stars)

Incredible journey and a short read as well. Gives you a first hand account of slavery in America.

this was a great book a really epic piece of historical biograph

(5 stars)