The Kipling Reader

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These are selections of Kipling's writings; some poems, some fiction, some history but all by the master storyteller himself. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi' -- William the Conqueror, Part I -- William the Conqueror, Part II -- Wee Willie Winkie -- A matter of fact -- Mowgli's brothers -- The lost legion -- Namgay Doola -- A germ-destroyer -- 'Tiger! Tiger!' -- Tods' amendment -- The story of Muhammad Din -- The finances of the gods -- Moti Guj, Mutineer. - Summary by Phil chenevert (7 hr 4 min)


'RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI' 35:13 Read by Gemma L Myers
DARZEE'S CHAUNT 2:07 Read by Kangaroo
WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR PART I 30:00 Read by Eleanor Howard
WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR PART II 40:51 Read by Eleanor Howard
WEE WILLIE WINKIE 30:21 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
A MATTER OF FACT. 28:12 Read by Mary Ann Weathers
MOWGLI'S BROTHERS 59:42 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
THE LOST LEGION 26:01 Read by Mary Ann Weathers
NAMGAY DOOLA 23:20 Read by Mary Ann Weathers
A GERM-DESTROYER 10:36 Read by Kristin G.
'TIGER-TIGER!' 50:27 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
MOWGLI'S SONG 5:53 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
TODS' AMENDMENT 13:33 Read by Mary Ann Weathers
THE STORY OF MUHAMMAD DIN 9:34 Read by NoelBadrian
THE FINANCES OF THE GODS 9:34 Read by Kristin G.
MOTI GUJ—MUTINEER 19:17 Read by NoelBadrian
THE NATIVE-BORN 5:56 Read by NoelBadrian
THE FLOWERS 3:37 Read by Kristin G.
MUNICIPAL 3:23 Read by NoelBadrian
THE COASTWISE LIGHTS 2:26 Read by Larry Wilson
THE ENGLISH FLAG 6:53 Read by Elijah Fisher
ENGLAND'S ANSWER 3:11 Read by Elijah Fisher
THE OVERLAND MAIL 2:37 Read by Elijah Fisher
IN SPRING TIME 2:05 Read by Elijah Fisher