Our Young Folks' Plutarch

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Plutarch's Lives is a series of fifty biographies of famous Greek and Roman men written around 100 AD. In Our Young Folks' Plutarch, Rosalie Kaufman has adapted these biographies for young readers. In the preface she writes, “The lives which we here present in a condensed simple form are prepared from those of Plutarch. Plutarch says, ‘It must be borne in mind that my design is not to write histories, but lives.’ This is why anecdotes, short sayings or a word or two of repartee are frequently recorded. For they furnish a better insight into the thoughts and character of a man than his most glorious exploit, famous siege, or bloody battle. So it is lives, and not a history, that we offer; this must be borne in mind when some of the most important events the world has ever known receive insufficient mention.” (18 hr 40 min)


Preface 2:54 Read by April Walters
Theseus 25:01 Read by Mary Schneider
Lycurgus 30:25 Read by MaryAnn
Romulus 24:00 Read by Owen Cook
Numa Pompilius 23:33 Read by Owen Cook
Solon 30:06 Read by Jim Locke
Publicola 29:28 Read by Jim Locke
Caius Marcius Coriolanus 28:05 Read by Jim Locke
Themistocles 28:07 Read by JackMon
Aristides 20:48 Read by Maggie Travers
Cimon 18:02 Read by Maggie Travers
Pericles 17:47 Read by Maggie Travers
Nicias 16:22 Read by Maggie Travers
Alcibiades 21:14 Read by Maggie Travers
Lysander 15:07 Read by Maggie Travers
Camillus 30:31 Read by Maggie Travers
Artaxerxes 13:35 Read by Maggie Travers
Agesilaus 20:28 Read by Jim Locke
Dion 24:50 Read by Jim Locke
Phocion 22:03 Read by Jim Locke
Pelopidas 23:52 Read by Jim Locke
Timoleon 21:13 Read by Maggie Travers
Demosthenes 17:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Alexander 52:10 Read by Dave Gillespie
Eumenes 15:18 Read by Maggie Travers
Demetrius 19:46 Read by Jim Locke
Pyrrhus 21:29 Read by Kalynda
Aratus 19:40 Read by ToddHW
Agis 16:57 Read by Maggie Travers
Cleomenes 16:43 Read by Jim Locke
Fabius 25:50 Read by rachelrw
Marcellus 25:13 Read by Owen Cook
Philopoemen 16:07 Read by Jim Locke
Flamininus 16:37 Read by Owen Cook
Marcus Cato 21:04 Read by Kalynda
Aemilius Paulus 29:09 Read by Maggie Travers
Tiberius Gracchus 17:08 Read by Kathrine Engan
Caius Gracchus 15:40 Read by Jim Locke
Caius Marius 37:14 Read by Jim Locke
Sylla 18:31 Read by Maggie Travers
Crassus 23:55 Read by Maggie Travers
Lucullus 23:40 Read by Owen Cook
Pompey 32:26 Read by Jim Locke
Cicero 17:38 Read by Jim Locke
Caesar 28:26 Read by Jim Locke
Cato The Younger 27:38 Read by Jim Locke
Marcus Brutus 22:34 Read by Owen Cook
Antony 15:05 Read by Catherine Burke-Mueller
Sertorius 17:20 Read by Owen Cook
Galba 11:53 Read by Maggie Travers
Otho 9:48 Read by Louise Meany


I like romen/Greek stories

(5 stars)

so this was spended listen to it all then listen agien you will hear the stories like you have not heard them before