Take it From Dad

Read by Lee Smalley

(4.5 stars; 18 reviews)

Take It From Dad is a collection of letters written by a father to his son, Ted, at boarding school, away from home for the first time. In each letter "Dad" comments on some aspect of Ted's experience, attitude, or behavior, illustrating and driving home his point with an entertaining tale about human nature. This book is appropriate for all ages from adolescence on, and its lessons are as relevant today as when they were written.
--Lee Smalley (3 hr 19 min)


September 25 - October 15 26:00 Read by Lee Smalley
October 21 - October 26 17:23 Read by Lee Smalley
October 30 - November 6 15:58 Read by Lee Smalley
November 20 - December 1 15:44 Read by Lee Smalley
December 10 - January 27 15:08 Read by Lee Smalley
February 10 - February 20 20:24 Read by Lee Smalley
February 28 - March 12 15:48 Read by Lee Smalley
March 20 - March 28 17:50 Read by Lee Smalley
April 6 - April 30 16:27 Read by Lee Smalley
May 10 - May 26 20:10 Read by Lee Smalley
June 8 - June 16 18:29 Read by Lee Smalley



(4 stars)

Please disregard other comment about profanity. Phone switched books on me. Take It From Dad is a story with letters from father to son & was enjoyable to listen to and sounded very real to life and also gave some good advice. I enjoyed listening in the narrator did a great job.

(3 stars)

Its a ok listen listen very well narrated!

(5 stars)

Funny but filled with life lessons

(4 stars)

A fun book with a good reader.