The Boy Scouts in Front of Warsaw; Or, In the Wake of War

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(4.2 stars; 4 reviews)

The boy scouts are at it again! The war in Warsaw, Poland was devastating and led to many broken families. When the beloved children of the royal family under the charge of an American professor are kidnaped, the boy scouts, stop at nothing until they are safely reunited. Prince Ivan and American boy Warren make friends and also work together to search for the children. An adventure packed book with a good story! - Summary by Kimberly Krause (4 hr 3 min)


The Disappearance 27:14 Read by Aaron Walsh
The Search Begun 27:55 Read by Aaron Walsh
In Warsaw's By-ways 17:20 Read by Felix Johnson
Hot on the Trail 17:54 Read by Felix Johnson
In the Enemy's Hands 19:59 Read by Felix Johnson
To the Rescue 16:14 Read by Felix Johnson
The Carved Panel 16:25 Read by Felix Johnson
The Secret Chamber 18:05 Read by Lynne T
New Clues 20:44 Read by Mike Gardom
Beggars 21:43 Read by Mike Gardom
The Red Cross Car 18:52 Read by Mike Gardom
Over the Sea 20:35 Read by Kangaroo