Aunt Judy's Tales

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This is a collection of six short stories by Margaret Gatty, writing as Mrs. Alfred Gatty. All told by 'an elder girl' in a large family to the 8 little ones gathered around. "There is not a more charming sight in the domestic world, than that of an elder girl in a large family, amusing what are called the little ones. "How could mamma have ventured upon that cosy nap in the arm-chair by the fire, if she had been harassed by wondering what the children were about? Whereas, as it was, she had overheard No. 8 begging the one they all called “Aunt Judy,” to come and tell them a story, and she had beheld Aunt Judy’s nod of consent; whereupon she had shut her eyes, and composed herself to sleep quite complacently, under the pleasant conviction that all things were sure to be in a state of peace and security, so long as the children were listening to one of those curious stories of Aunt Judy’s, in which, with so much drollery and amusement, there was sure to be mixed up some odd scraps of information, or bits of good advice." - Summary by Phil Chenevert (4 hr 46 min)


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Cook Stories 48:42 Read by Roohi
Rabbits’ Tails 43:59 Read by Roohi
Out of the Way - Part 1 26:13 Read by Roohi
Out of the Way - Part 2 32:58 Read by Roohi
Nothing to Do - Part 1 30:27 Read by Roohi
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