Cradock Nowell Vol. 3

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Cradock Nowell: a Tale of the New Forest is a three-volume novel by R. D. Blackmore published in 1866. Set in the New Forest and in London, it follows the fortunes of Cradock Nowell who, at the end of Volume 1, is thrown out of his family home and disowned by his father following the suspicious death of Cradock's twin brother Clayton, their father's favorite. In Volume 2, the story picks up with those left behind at Nowelhurst and the question of who is now heir apparent to the Nowell fortune. Meanwhile, Cradock discovers life independent of the Nowell name and fortune is not easy. At the end of volume 2, we leave Cradock fighting for his life and his beloved Amy rushing to be with him. It was Blackmore's second novel, and the novel he wrote prior to his most famous work Lorna Doone.

*Warning: Some listeners may be offended by some of the language. Words that were considered acceptable in the nineteenth century are not always politically correct today. It is LibriVox policy to leave the original wording as the author intended.
- Summary by Lynne Thompson

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absolutely fantastic story

(5 stars)

I'm so glad I decided to listen to this story. I thought I had heard all the good ones one LibriVox. The reading is so enjoyable listen to too. Of course the places where there are descriptions of non-whites is narrow minded, but typical for the era.