Saved at Sea

Read by Rachel

(4.6 stars; 204 reviews)

Alick was born in a lighthouse during a storm, and raised in the same lighthouse. He used to wish something would change, and one day something did. In an attempt to rescue a ship in distress, Alick and his grandfather end up with a baby girl. Who are her parents? Did they perish on that stormy night? As the lighthouse people try to find the answers to these questions, little "Timpey" begins to work her way into their hearts. And while the lighthouse stands firmly on the rock, are Alick and his grandfather truly anchored on the Rock? (Summary by Rachel) (1 hr 14 min)


My Strange Home 7:05 Read by Rachel
The Flare at Sea 5:23 Read by Rachel
The Bundle Saved 6:06 Read by Rachel
Little Timpey 6:42 Read by Rachel
The Unclaimed Sunbeam 6:00 Read by Rachel
The Old Gentleman's Question 6:05 Read by Rachel
A Thick Fog 5:30 Read by Rachel
Waiting for the Boat 5:59 Read by Rachel
A Change in the Lighthouse 5:46 Read by Rachel
Our New Neighbor 5:23 Read by Rachel
On the Rock 5:37 Read by Rachel
The Sunbeam Claimed 8:54 Read by Rachel


Marvelous, touching story with life's lessons

(5 stars)

5+ stars! An engaging story, beautifully told by the Angelic Rachael. Her vocal ability, including some briefly sung hymns, really enhanced the atmosphere, placing the listener in time and place, Thank-you Rachael):-

(5 stars)

best read yet of all I have listened to. great job Rachel!

من اروع مع سمعته من القصص

(5 stars)

Very quaint

(5 stars)

A very nice short story with a wonderful message of everyone's need of salvation and the fact that through belief and profession in Christ Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to be saved and go to heaven. More endearing by Rachel's wonderful way of reading and pleasant voice. Truth for every age, era, race, etc.

Great Reader

(5 stars)

Rachel has a distinct voice that I could listen to all day. When I saw that she was the reader of the story, I listened and was not disappointed

Simple yet great

(5 stars)

Great story about Christ and his great foundation. Rachel does an excellent job reading and changing the voices to give the story such a wonderful touch.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this story more than ever because of the talent of the reader. Thank you so very much. You have a great gift and chose a great story.

Very nice!

(5 stars)

Such a nice short story. The point made is very clear and the honest truth. I enjoyed listening to it. The reader did a great job!