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CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1976, page 4

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a long-running series of radio dramas created by Himan Brown and hosted by E.G. Marshall. These programs were recorded from a public radio station in 1976. They do not contain news or commercials. #0514 Killer's Helper; 0515 A Two Bit Fortune; 0516 A Magical Place; 0517 The Tell Tale Corpse; 0518 Journey To Jerusalem; 0519 Dr. Peterson's Pills; 0521 A Very Dear Ghost Indeed; 0522 The Rainbow Man; 0525 The Ghostly Private Eye; 0526 One Girl in a Million; 0528 The Clairvoyant; 0530 Private Stock; 0532 The Tortured Twins; 0533 My Wife Doesn't Understand Me; 0534 The God Killers; 0538 The Mission of Atropos; 0539 To Hang By The Neck.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



CBSRMT 760907 0514 Killer's Helper


CBSRMT 760909 0515 A Two Bit Fortune


CBSRMT 760910 0516 A Magical Place


CBSRMT 760913 0517 The Tell Tale Corpse


CBSRMT 760914 0518 Journey to Jerusalem


CBSRMT 760916 0519 Dr Peterson's Pills


CBSRMT 760920 0521 A Very Dear Ghost Indeed


CBSRMT 760921 0522 The Rainbow Man


CBSRMT 760927 0525 The Ghostly Private Eye


CBSRMT 760928 0526 One Girl in a Million


CBSRMT 761001 0528 The Clairvoyant


CBSRMT 761005 0530 Private Stock


CBSRMT 761008 0532 The Tortured Twins


CBSRMT 761011 0533 My Wife Doesn't Undertand Me


CBSRMT 761012 0534 The God Killers


CBSRMT 761019 0538 The Mission of Atropos


CBSRMT 761021 0539 To Hang By The Neck



Listenable episodes

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Here's some CBSRMT that came from NPR. (I sure do wish I knew NPR did these re-broadcasts at the time) Although these episodes are still recorded at home by a listener, it's FM radio. Plus, these shows aren't all hacked up by poor editing. In addition, there's no commercials. Personally, the episodes WITH the commercials, to me, are just irritating. The 70's ads lack the charm the 40's and 50's commercials had, but sometimes the news is interesting. Finally, no matter which classic radio drama I'm in the mood to listen to, I come right here to the archives. Another "Thank you" is in order to those of you finding the best audio quality for me to enjoy!

great shows

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Ive never heard shows like these. Ive been downloading all of'em...Ive never got so wrapped up in these kind of programs. Congratulations to those that had this great idea in bringin'em back again...


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Awesome love me some old time radio shows extremely addictive think I've listened to every cbs,otr show out there lol

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these are treat stories and although I understand the need for them the ad's are bloody annoying! but all well performed!

Addicted!! Must have my earphones in and listen nitely!!!

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more great stories

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more fun listening.