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What Katy Did (Dramatic Reading)

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(4,375 Sterne; 20 Bewertungen)

Katy Carr always gets in trouble for everything. When her mother died, she told Katy to be a mother to the little ones. But it seems like Katy can't do anything right. Her Aunt Izzie always scolds her, so one day Katy decides to ignore her aunt's command and ride the swing in the barn. Suddenly, something cracks, Katy feels like she's falling, and everything goes dark. (Summary by Esther ben Simonides)

Narrator: Michele Eaton
Aunt Izzy/Miss Carr: Beth Thomas
Katy Carr: Adele de Pignerolles
Clover Carr, Miss Knight: Esther ben Simonides
Elsie Carr, Millerite, The German Girl: Rachel
Dr. Carr: Bill
Dorry Carr: Eddy Sherman
Cecy Hall: Lydia
Johnnie Carr, Woman, Maria Fiske: Rosalynn
Phil Carr: Johnny Smith
Dr. Stone, Dr. Alsop, Mr. Berger: Larry Wilson
Miss Petingill, Mrs. Spenser, Alice Blair, Debby, Mrs. Worrett: Becca Maggie
Imogen Clark: Jennifer Fournier
Marianne O'Riley: SuperCoconut
Mama Carr: TheMom
A bigger girl, Old Mary: Sonia
Cousin Helen: KHand
Teacher of the School of Pain: Zames Curran
Bridget: Twinkle

Audio Edited by: Esther ben Simonides (4 hr 51 min)


The Little Carrs


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The Day of Scrapes


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In the Loft


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Intimate Friends


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Cousin Helen's Visit


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Dismal Days


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St. Nicholas and St. Valentine


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A New Lesson to Learn


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Two Years Afterward


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At Last


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The best story in the world!

(4,5 Sterne)

This is a wonderful story. Not only because of the way Susan Coolidge wrote it, but because of the way that you did the reading of the book. With Adele de Pignerolles as Katy, when she speaks, I feel as if she and everyone else are in the room with me. Michele Eaton’s accent was a little bit hard to get used to, but after you get used to it, she makes the story even more fun and realistic. Thank you for doing this story.

Lovely family reading

(5 Sterne)

Well read and great fun. Well done guys!