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On a Cattle Track

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Henry Kendall was the first Australian poet to draw his inspiration from the life, scenery and traditions of the country. In the beginnings of Australian poetry the names of two other men stand with his—Adam Lindsay Gordon, of English parentage and education, and Charles Harpur, born in Australia a generation earlier than Kendall. Harpur's work, though lacking vitality, shows fitful gleams of poetic fire suggestive of greater achievement had the circumstances of his life been more favourable. Kendall, whose lot was scarcely more fortunate, is a true singer; his songs remain, and are likely long to remain, attractive to poetry lovers. - Summary by from the Biographical Note of Poems of Henry Kendall (0 hr 29 min)


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I have tried several times to listen to this but find impossible

(0,5 Sterne)

I can not get past the first vice that sounds like a actor on a stage doing a very poor attempting to sound like he is reading a very dramatic speech. The story that itself sounds like a children's theme made to rim. I'm willing not waste anymore attempts from the author.