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(3,812 Sterne; 162 Bewertungen)

At 5 years old Leo Vincey is left in the care of a Cambridge professor by the name of Horace Holly. His father leaves him a strange casket which he is to open on his 25th Birthday. On opening the Casket Leo and Horace discover the strange history of Leo's ancestors. Leo and his adoptive father Horace must travel all the way to Africa in order to uncover the solve his family's strange history. - Written by Lizzie Driver (11 hr 35 min)




Read by Geoff Cowgill

My Visitor


Read by Lizzie Driver

The Years Roll By


Read by Anna Simon

The Sherd of Amenartas


Read by icyjumbo (1964-2010)

The Squall


Read by icyjumbo (1964-2010)

The Head of the Ethiopian


Read by Nick Gisburne

An Early Christian Ceremony


Read by Graham Redman

Ustane Sings


Read by Lizzie Driver

The Feast and After!


Read by icyjumbo (1964-2010)

A Little Foot


Read by icyjumbo (1964-2010)



Read by Keri Ford

The Plain of Kôr


Read by Ted Delorme



Read by J. M. Smallheer

Ayesha Unveils


Read by Jennie Hughes

A Soul in Hell


Read by Nick Gisburne

Ayesha Gives Judgement


Read by Nick Gisburne

The Tombs of Kôr


Read by Nick Gisburne

The Balance Turns


Read by Nick Gisburne

"Go, Woman!"


Read by Jennie Hughes

"Give me a Black Goat!"


Read by redabrus



Read by Graham Redman

The Dead and Living Meet


Read by redabrus

Job has a Presentiment


Read by redabrus

The Temple of Truth


Read by redabrus

Walking the Plank


Read by redabrus

The Spirit of Life


Read by redabrus

What We Saw


Read by Kristine Bekere

We Leap


Read by Kristine Bekere

Over The Mountain


Read by Kristine Bekere


Many Chapters need to be Re-Read Please!!!

(1 Sterne)

This is a great story, well read at 1rst, most of the end chapters are read by several non english readers, in monotone, poorly pronounced, it is hard to follow who is speaking, or what is being said. As a reader who really enjoys Haggard's stories, this one was painful to finish. His stories contain so many complex phrases that are now hard to follow. Please re-record these chapters for the good of all those who enjoy this series

(4 Sterne)

Haggard as usual delivered a wonderful tale. strong in the beginning as is his style. Weak in the middle, and strong in the end. The only problem is one which Libravox created for themselves. They insist on using different readers for different chapters. Some readers being clear and powerful. You wish each chapter was by them. Some barely speaking the English language leaving you wanting to abandon the book.


(5 Sterne)

when i came acrosse this book i was so excited remembering has a child i had seen this movie and never since ursula andress played she the book was great too many narateors the first half wasnt to hard to fellow the end chapters the characters all bunches together making it very difficult and frustrating I wish librivox would fix this by choosing one narrator with the voice to match the characters in making this experience less painful

Free Audio, Review

(2 Sterne)

I've listened to "King Solomons Mines" by the same author so followed the authors name to this story. Sadly I was disapointed. KSM had been a real adventure, but this story was like a lost forlorn love story with a bit of "darkest africa" thrown in. The story itself started alright with a mystery, but then wondered off in to boring realms. The characters were well done but the story was just lacking as far as I was concerned. Not enough happened. Sadly the recording also suffered. The story was read by various people taking various chapters, which is not normally a problem for me, but in this case as the story itself was not so engaging I found myself being jarred by the change in reader, and the readers styles changed dramaticly. Not a problem with any reader, but because the story was not engaging enough Reading = 1/3 Production = 2/3 Story = 1/3 Total = 4/9 More of my reviews at

English Colonialist Nonsense

(0,5 Sterne)

This is perhaps the worst book I have ever read in full. Zero stars should have been an option. Had it not been required for a class, and had I somehow interest in it, I would never have gotten past the first couple of chapters. It's a prime example of late Victorian colonialism and racism. The non-white characters are continuously referred to as "slaves" and "savages" and supposedly lack proper humanity or any intellectual existence. I'm not sure I'm able to express the extent of how bad it is. In addition, the plot is weak and poorly executed. For anyone also forced to read this looking for the most palatable option, this is fine. Several other reviewers have made complaints regarding the readers' accents for the final few chapters. Both readers in question speak English perfectly well. I listened on the fastest speed possible and had no issue understanding them.

Awful audiobook.

(1 Sterne)

The Introduction is read by a very good reader. But then the First chapter is taken over by a young, self-centered, woman reader, without the least interest in what she is reading, making smug intonations in all the wrong places. It is a DISGRACE!!! The RUIN of a great book!! I DEMAND that Librivox reproduce this recording over again, using the first reader for the whole book!!!

(2 Sterne)

good book... But as the other reviews say, once you get close to the end, the reader is terrible. found it very hard to concentrate on the book itself. more so felt like being on the phone with a horrible customer service agent... Ugh.

She (What a great book).

(5 Sterne)

A wonderful story. It was one of the best books I have listened to in a long time! I enjoyed the different voices from all over the world, who narrated the book!