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Coffee Break Collection 023 - Mysteries, Riddles and Conundrums

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4,25 Sterne; 4 Bewertungen)

This is the twenty-third Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select English language public domain works of about 15 minutes or less in duration -- perfect to listen to during commutes, workouts or coffee breaks. The topic for this collection is Mysteries, Riddles and Conundrums. Short mystery fiction, puzzles that have baffled generations, whether solved or unsolved and anything our forefathers have struggled to explain. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, essays...who knows what you will discover? (1 hr 56 min)


Advice From A Caterpillar, Chapter 5 of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Lewis …


Read by Michele Fry

AD 1048 And the Case of Diabolical Sorcery in Rome by Roger of Wendover


Read by Craig Campbell

Cleopatra—How did She Die? By John Elfreth Watkins


Read by Andrea Kotzer

The Conclave of the Universe by Stanton A. Coblentz


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Conscious by Wilfred Owen


Read by ChadH94

The Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold by John Elfreth Watkins


Read by Andrea Kotzer

A Fable by Mark Twain


Read by William Allan Jones

How Rome Fell to the Visigoths by Procopius


Read by Craig Campbell

Jack the Ripper by John Elfreth Watkins


Read by Andrea Kotzer

Madness by Rainer Maria Rilke


Read by ChadH94

A Mad Tea-Party, Chapter VII from Alice In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll


Read by Michele Fry

Mr. Bloke's Item by Mark Twain


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

The Mysterious Origins of Fires by James Scott


Read by Garth Burton

1619 And The Negro in Virginia by C. Braxton Bryan


Read by Craig Campbell

On Teaching by Kalil Gibran


Read by ChadH94

The Smart Mystery by Anonymous


Read by Colleen McMahon

The Strange Escape of the King's Jester: The Mysterious Rope by Henry Ernest Du…


Read by KevinS

Solution to The Strange Escape of the King's Jester: The Mysterious Ropebby Hen…


Read by KevinS

The Squires Christmas Puzzle Party -- Three Teacups by Ernest Dudeney


Read by KevinS

Solution to the Squires Christmas Puzzle Party -- Three Teacups by Ernest Duden…


Read by KevinS


Mysteries? What mysteries?

(3 Sterne)

Nicely read. Collection seems almost entirely random. Wisdom from Khalil Gibran, a bit about the fall of Rome, the history of “The Negro in Virginia”, what sounds like a newspaper clipping about a possibly commonplace disappearance... If you’re hoping to puzzle your mind and test your brain, you won’t get much of that here. Only the last few sections offer a chance to ‘solve the mystery’ and even those are rather unsatisfactory, as the solutions are guessed at. The mystery that haunts me is: why were these bits collected together at all?