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The Little People of the Snow

Gelesen von Bruce Kachuk

(3,8 Sterne; 5 Bewertungen)

Filled with the exuberance of youth and the thrill of discovery, Eva embarks on a Winter walk across snowy fields venturing farther and longer than she had promised her mother. Enticed by a friendly playmate along the way and driven by an insatiable spirit of adventure Eva discovers a wonderful world of snowy elegance peopled by amazing creatures of this Winter land. Fascinated by the marvels that lie before her Eva suddenly realizes she has been away from home far too long and with remorse, hurriedly begins her return. However the way back is cold, difficult and so incredibly tiring. Eva must stop to rest but she's sure it will just be for a moment. - Summary by Bruce Kachuk (0 hr 20 min)


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Read by Bruce Kachuk

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Read by Bruce Kachuk


The Reading Could Be Better

(3 Sterne)

I liked the story, but I felt distanced from its finer points by the challenge of listening to the awkward intonation. If the phrasal dissection was meant to be a poetic feature, I agree that this is a viable approach; however, I just don't think it was well executed. Withal that, having this Librevox recording available is better than not.