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Two Poems

Gelesen von Bruce Kachuk

(3 Sterne; 2 Bewertungen)

These inspiring tributes to Williams College and its graduates were written by Henry Rutgers Conger while still a Williams student. In each of these poems we experience Conger's deep expressions of camaraderie, his devotion and gratitude to his alma mater, his aspirations for his future and that of his classmates and his profound articulation of lessons learned at Williams designed to serve him and his colleagues well in their lives and careers. Henry Rutgers Conger's own brief life ended a mere twenty-one years after his graduation. This small book of Conger's poetry, commemoratively published by his own graduating class the year following his death, is a superb tribute to the talent and potential of this poet of Williams College, which as a further honor awards the annual Henry Rutgers Conger Memorial Literary Prize to a current Williams student. - Summary by Bruce Kachuk (0 hr 10 min)




Read by Bruce Kachuk

Class Day Poem


Read by Bruce Kachuk

The Purple Hills


Read by Bruce Kachuk