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The Clockwork Man

Gelesen von Mark Nelson

(4,223 Sterne; 110 Bewertungen)

In the future, people will be fitted with clockwork devices in their heads which, among other things, allows them to travel through time. Well, it seems one of these devices has frizzed-out, and a Clockwork man appears in the middle of a cricket match in 1923. The Clockwork Man by E.V. Odle is believed to be the first instance of a human-machine cyborg appearing in literature. - Summary by Mark Nelson (4 hr 55 min)


Chapter 1


Read by Mark Nelson

Chapter 2


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Chapter 3


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Chapter 4


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Chapter 5


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Chapter 6


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Chapter 7


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Chapter 8


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Chapter 9


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Chapter 10


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Bravo from Borneo

(3,5 Sterne)

What a delightful tale and as always extremely well read by Mark Nelson who skillfully brought the characters to life. The author is clearly a person of substantial intellect, which came through in the depth of vocabulary employed, without being verbose, and in terms of the scientific theories advanced and argued between the characters. Moreover, there are very few sci-fi books that include a cricket match and impressive command of the game. Perfect!


(5 Sterne)

Excellently read and a well-written and engaging story. I grew fond of the clockwork man and although the author winds up everything nicely in the end, I was still left thinking about the book and wondering about the clockwork man's world. So a tidy, but still somewhat open-ended, ending!

interesting, entertaining.

(3,5 Sterne)

The story starts off a little slow but surprises you towards the end, not what I expected. a good but "different type" of story. Mark does an excellent job as usual, one of the best readers at librivox.

(5 Sterne)

Not a book I would normally have read, but I really enjoyed it. The story is well written and quite funny. Thank you, Mark Nelson for introducing me to an author I never would have known about otherwise.

An all round stunner!

(5 Sterne)

At the start, it seems a comedy. By the end, it's deadly serious. Throughout , it's fascinating, and supports a long held theory of mine 😉. Mark Nelson's narration is, as ever, impeccable.

interesting tale

(4 Sterne)

It’s an interesting story, apparently the first ever cyborg. Parts of it are farce, parts of it philosophical. But there’s a good tale in here and its worth a listen. Well read

(3,5 Sterne)

I was fine up until the ending. I understand the message, and taken at the time of writing it is understandable and to be expected.


(5 Sterne)

takes a minute to get started. you think it's a comic at first and then the end of the story comes and whammy. Deep!