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The Birth of Merlin: The Childe Hath Found His Father

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(4,25 Sterne; 4 Bewertungen)

Merlin. King Arthur. War betwixt British and Saxons. Uther Pendragon. Collapsing castle foundations, Magicians and spirits, and fighting dragons and a blazing comet. Good entertaining stuff.

But is it Shakespeare?

The 1662 first printed edition of this play says it was written by William Shakespeare and William Rowley. It doesn't appear that anyone any longer believes that Shakespeare was actually involved, and probably this is entirely Rowley - who co-authored plays with a fair number of other authors of the period. Rowley also acted in London troupes, including Shakespeare's The King's Players, often in low comedy Clown parts he wrote for himself such as is found in this play.
- Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Aurelius, King of Brittain: Mike Manolakes
Vortiger, King of (Welsh) Brittain: Craig Franklin
Uter Pendragon, the Prince, Brother to Aurelius: JBerkhouse
Donobert, a Nobleman, and Father to Constantia and Modesta: VocalPenguin
The Earl of Gloster, and Father to Edwyn: Algy Pug
Edoll, Earl of Chester and General to King Aurelius: Hamlet
Cador, Earl of Cornwal, and Suitor to Constantia: Quin Herron
Edwyn, Son to the Earl of Gloster, and Suitor to Modesta: Tomas Peter
Toclio, Nobleman: Adrian Stephens
Oswald, Nobleman: Andrew Gaunce
Merlin the Prophet: Alan Mapstone
Anselme the Hermit, after Bishop of Winchester: Jim Locke
Clown: ToddHW
Sir Nichodemus Nothing, a Courtier: Greg Giordano
The Devil, father of Merlin: Phil Schempf
Ostorius, the Saxon General: CassiopeiaSparks
Octa, a Saxon Nobleman: Tchaikovsky
Proximus, a Saxon Magician: Scott McKinley
Bishop: Derek Trial
Saxon Lord 1: Grace Buchanan
Saxon Lord 2: Alan Mapstone
Edols Captain : Derek Trial
Gentleman 1: Wayne Cooke
Gentleman 2: Seaquill
A little Antick Spirit: Devorah Allen
Artesia, Sister to Ostorius the Saxon General: Jenn Broda
Constantia, daughter to Donobert: Lydia
Modesta, daughter to Donobert: Linda Olsen Fitak
Jone Goe-too't, Mother of Merlin: Sonia
A Waiting-woman to Artesia: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Lucina, Queen of the Shades: Availle
Armel: Sandra Schmit
Plesgeth: Grace Buchanan
Messenger: Grace Buchanan
Stage Directions: David Purdy
Editing: ToddHW
(2 hr 39 min)


Act 1


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Act 2


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Act 3


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Act 4


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Act 5


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